Dem-NPL Representatives Want Honesty and Transparency for North Dakotans

Mock, Gruchalla Announce Common Sense Legislation to Bring Accountability to North Dakota Politics

(BISMARCK, N.D.) – Representatives Corey Mock, D-Grand Forks and Ed Gruchalla, D-Fargo stood alongside five legislators who were primary sponsors on ethics legislation, and called for the passage of the Sunshine Act 2013–a group of bills promoting government transparency for the people of North Dakota.

In March of 2012, the Center for Public Integrity completed a study of all 50 states regarding their Corruption Risk. North Dakota scored an ‘F’ along with eight other states.

“We work for the people of North Dakota, not our own interests. This is not a partisan issue, and I believe that these bills will pass if fellow legislators agree with putting North Dakota families first,” Mock said. “Representative Carlson has said, in no uncertain terms, that ethics reform is not a priority. We are here today to put forward clear and concise, bipartisan legislation that will lead our state to a more transparent, honest government.”

Mock, Gruchalla and several other prime sponsors have taken up the flag for appropriate reforms through the bills listed below.

“We have a chance this session to put North Dakota on the right track,” Gruchalla said. “Passing this legislation would assure good and ethical government by the people and for the people.”

Bills in Compliance:

  • HB 1442 – Establishes an Ethics Commission for all public officials in North Dakota and provides a penalty for non-compliance.
  • HB 1436 – Holds statewide and legislative candidates to the same disclosure reporting rules as federal candidates.
  • HB 1447 – Refers to campaign disclosure and expenditure reports and filing dates.
  • HB 1449 – Relating to campaign contribution and expenditure reports for legislators or legislative candidates.
  • HB 1444 – Relates to scholarship funds and lobbyist usage.
  • HB 1430 – Relates to campaign expenditures and acts a state response to Citizens United.
  • SB 2276 – Requiring members of the legislative assembly to report certain types of travel expenses (junkets).

“North Dakota is one of three states that does not have an ethics commission or committee, and we have an obligation to the people of North Dakota to make sure their elected officials are held to the kind of standards we can be proud of, and standards that our citizens can trust” Mock said. “These bills can go a long way in ensuring members of the legislative assembly and our statewide office holders are held accountable for the decisions they make.”

The Sunshine Act was first introduced in the summer of 2012 as a response to North Dakota’s “F” Grade from the State Integrity Investigation Group. For further information, click on the link below.


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