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ND bill to outlaw discrimination against gay dies in the Senate – Forum Communications (J. Boschee, M. Schneider, D. Hogue)

North Dakota Legislators Reject LGBT Discrimination Ban – Huffington Post (K. Oversen, J. Boschee, D. Hogue)

Senate rejects anti-discrimination bill – Bismarck Tribune (D. Hogue, M. Schneider, J. Warner)

North Dakota Legislature: Decision prompts call for ethics group – Forum Communications (C. Mock, J. Kasper, G. Mooney)

ND House mulls bill to establish ethics commission – Associated Press (C. Mock, E. Gruchalla)

North Dakota Senate to mull sales tax exemption for clothes – Associated Press

Virgil Hill wants one last fight in North Dakota – Forum Communications

OSHA pushes safety across the North Dakota oil fields – Forum Communications

NDSU to move forward with sex education program after AG opinion – Forum Communications

N.D. attorney general challenges Walsh County ‘equal parenting’ law – Forum Communications

Ralph Muecke, Gladstone, N.D., letter: Don’t mess with N.D.’s initiative process

Dexter Perkins, Grand Forks, letter: Pro-gun claim needs ammo (i.e., evidence)

Chelsea Stone, Grand Forks, letter: Anti-choice bills threaten women’s rights


Protesters Outside Sen. Sitte`s House – KFYR-TV

Sexual Orientation Bill Fails – KFYR-TV (M. Schneider, D. Hogue)

Discrimination Bill – KXMB-TV (D. Hogue, M. Schneider)

Violence Against Women Act – KFYR-TV

Advocates rally for gay marriage in Fargo – WDAY-TV

Great Plains News

ND gays, lesbians lose Senate fight over anti-discrimination bill – (D. Hogue, J. Warner)

Natural Gas Flaring Restrictions Defeated in ND Senate – (T. Mathern, R. Burckhard)

ND cities may get power to assess larger speeding fines – (D. Ruby)



Controversial amendments would change anti-discrimination bill – Bismarck Tribune (D. Hogue, M. Schneider)

Bill would reprise 1998 measure on university system – Forum Communications (M. Dosch, A. Maragos)

Mill levy for UND medical school questioned – Bismarck Tribune (W. Belter, L. Delmore, C. Headland)

ND governor sees no need for new mansion despite problems – Associated Press (B. Thoreson, M. Klein, T. Boe, D. Rust)

ND Senate snuffs natural gas flaring bill – James MacPherson (T. Mathern, B. Bowman)

Senator Tim Mathern, Letter: Economic opportunities lost by continued flaring of ND gas

Tax supporting med school may go to statewide vote – Forum Communications (W. Belter, L. Delmore)

Bottle rockets yes, governor’s residence no – Bismarck Tribune (S. Zaiser, B. Thoreson, R. Becker, R. Boehning, J. Kelsh, J. Kasper, T. Mathern, B. Bowman)

State oil production just getting started – The Dickinson Press

Paul Everson, Mandan, Letter: Medicaid stand is hypocritical

Ashley Roeske, Jamestown, Letter: Letter to the editor: Funding for milk is about children in N.D.


Flaring Bill Fails – KFYR-TV (T. Mathern, R. Burckhard)

Bill Fails To Reduce Amount of Natural Gas Flared – KXMB-TV (T. Mathern, B. Bowman)

House Votes To Repeal Law On Bottle Rockets – KXMB-TV (B. Thoreson, R. Becker, S. Zaiser)

New Governor’s Residence Discussed In North Dakota House – KXMB-TV (M. Klein, G. Mooney, J. Kasper)

Great Plains News:

University of North Dakota Medical School Dean Wants to Keep Property Tax – (W. Belter)

No New House for ND Governor – (T. Boe, J. Kasper)

Boom! ND House votes to lift ban on bottle rocket sales – (B. Thoreson, S. Zaiser, R. Becker)



Forum editorial: No milk for ND schoolchildren is stingy, mean

Steve Stark cartoon Feb. 13

Voter ID amendment survives debate in North Dakota House – Forum Communications (R. Boehning, K. Onstad)

N. Dakota natural gas flaring bill under fire – Associated Press

House rejects more tax bills – Bismarck Tribune

EVAC concerned North Dakota bill will force them to dump blue lights in favor of amber ones – Forum Communications

North Dakota Legislature: State revenue forecasts show a plateau – Forum Communications (E. Glassheim, R. Erbele)

Conrad joins Fix the Debt campaign – Grand Forks Herald

North Dakota’s economic growth appears to be stabilizing – Bismarck Tribune

Radioactive waste may be buried – Bismarck Tribune

North Dakota U.S. senators react to State of the Union speech – Bismarck Tribune

Oil patch operators asked to ‘stand down’ – Bismarck Tribune

Paul Everson, Mandan, Letter: Medicaid stand is hypocritical

Margaret McGlynn, Dickinson, Lettter: Keep state out of private matters

Surrey looks to House bill to support growth plans – Minot Daily News (A. Maragos, O. Larsen, C. Kreun, R. Streyle, O. Larsen)

Residents pack up from Williston camp forced to close by annexation – Forum Communications


Crossover Coming – KFYR-TV (M. Schneider, A. Carlson)

Controlling Oil Pollution – KFYR-TV

Great Plains News:

Clothing sales tax exemption defeated in ND House – (E. Glassheim, M. Klein)

Photos from Feb 12 2013

ND House rejects two-year college tuition freeze – (D. Rust, K. Oversen)

Few changes in new North Dakota tax collection forecast – (R. Holmberg, L. Robinson)



Grand Forks Herald Editorial: OUR OPINION: Got milk? Not yet, and for good reason – (J. Boschee)

Tax breaks voted down – Forum Communications (S. Louser, L. Delmore, E. Glassheim, C. Mock, C. Headland)

Measure fails to suspend North Dakota income tax – Associated Press (S. Louser)

VIDEO: N.D. Army vet receives Medal of Honor for Afghan fight – Associated Press

Bill would require counseling, wait time before divorce in North Dakota – Forum Communications (N. Muscha, T. Mathern)

Bill mandates counseling, waiting period for divorce – Bismarck Tribune (T. Mathern, L. Delmore, A. Maragos, N. Muscha, B. Hunskor, K. Koppelman, D. Ruby, O. Larsen, M. Sitte, T. Wanzek)

Legislature likely to add new judges – Williston Herald

Proposal would return money to ND residents – Williston Herald (M. Nelson, L. Bellew, D. Johnson)

Lawmakers reluctant to referee in water dispute – Forum Communications (T. Wanzek, J. Nelson, R. Holmberg)

Discrimination bill fires up people – Bismarck Tribune (C. Triplett, M. Sitte, J. Grabinger)

Heitkamp to take wife of fallen soldier to State of the Union – Forum Communications

Vicki Rosenau, Valley City, Letter: Rabid right wing group attempts to manipulate ND election laws

TJ Brown, Perham, Minn. Letter: Other states love ND’s status quo


Legislators Discuss Proposed Divorce Bill – KFYR-TV (N. Muscha, T. Mathern)

Legislature Managing the Budget – KFYR-TV (A. Carlson, R. Wardner)

Great Plains News

ND income tax cuts defeated in state House – (S. Louser, L. Delmore, E. Glassheim)

ND House Backs Keeping State Tax Break for Wind Power – (A. Carlson, J. Nelson, W. Belter)

Photos from Feb 11 2013 

ND GOP House leader promises scrutiny of state employee pay package – (A. Carlson, R. Wardner)

2.9.13 – 2.11.13


North Dakota Legislature: What to watch this week – Associated Press (C. Mock, O. Larsen)

Amendment would require ID to vote in North Dakota – Forum Communications (M. Strinden, R. Boehning, K. Koppelman, J. Kasper)

North Dakota Senate passes animal abuse bill – Forum Communications (C. Triplett, L. Laffen, T. Flakoll)

North Dakota Senate passes animal welfare bill – Bismarck Tribune (T. Flakoll, L. Laffen, C. Triplett, L. Luick)

Senate passes animal welfare bill – Williston Herald (L. Luick, T. Flakoll)

North Dakota House passes two bills limiting abortion – Forum Communications (B. Grande, K. Hawken, K. Oversen)

North Dakota House passes two abortion bills – Bismarck Tribune (V. Laning, K. Hawken, G. Mooney, D. Larson, J. Kasper)

N.D. House passes anti-abortion measures – Minot Daily News (B. Grande)

House passes 2 more abortion bills – Williston Herald (V. Laning, K. Hawken, G. Mooney, B. Grande, D. Monson, D. Kiefert)

Bill would allow use of public funds to hire lobbyists – Bismarck Tribune (K. Armstrong, D. Hogue, M. Schneider, K. Hawken, K. Kempenich, B. Thoreson)

Silencers already legal n North Dakota; bill would solidify law – Associated Press (J. Heilman, C. Mock, T. Boe, T. Porter, P. Hattlestad)

Bill would add relief info to property tax statements – Bismarck Tribune (K. Koppelman, A. Looysen)

Patrick Hatlestad: Closer look reveals curdled ‘Milk Bill’ – (C. Mock, J. Boschee)

Sen. Dwight Cook, Letter: Tax policy must change to protect citizens 

James Cheney, Letter: Expanding Medicaid is the right thing to do

In a switch, GOP governors including Dalrymple back expanding Medicaid – Associated Press

Column, Omdahl: Too soon to judge Shirvani – (T. Grindberg)

Column, Ahlin: ‘Mr. Bumble wannabes’stir Mary Contrary’s ire 

Column, MATTERS AT HAND: Media had role in ‘kerfuffle’ about higher ed – (T. Grindberg, A. Carlson)

GF Herald Editorial: OUR OPINION: The Aretha rule: Treat lawmakers with r-e-s-p-e-c-t – (T. Grindberg)

UND law school officials hope to hear a ‘yes’ for expansion funding this year – Grand Forks Herald

Williston Herald Editorial: Legislature needs to focus on laws that might impact ND 


Controversial legislative bills are up for discussion in Fargo – WDAY-TV (T. Grindberg, S. Kelsh, K. Hogan, G. Sinner)

Senate Passes Animal Cruelty Bill – KFYR-TV (L. Luick)

Debate Over Abortion Continues – KFYR-TV (D. Kiefert, G. Mooney, D. Larson)

Bill Passed To Toughen Animal Cruelty Laws – KXMB-TV (L. Luick)

Legislators Speak Out Over School Milk Vote – KVRR-TV (K. Hogan)

Legislators Discuss New Synthetic Drug Bill – WDAZ-TV

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