Dem-NPL News of the Week – Week 7



Dems: North Dakota GOP not focused on property tax relief – Forum Communications (W. Belter, M. Schneider, D. Cook, J. Dotzenrod)

Democrats say property taxes being ignored – Bismarck Tribune (M. Schneider, J. Dotzenrod, C. Headland)

North Dakota legislative notebook: Changes proposed for driving suspensions – Forum Communications (T. Flakoll, K. Krebsbach, J. Miller)

Bill provides for temporary driver’s license – Bismarck Tribune (K. Armstrong)

School safety bill passes Senate – Williston Herald (T. Grindberg, L. Laffen, R. Holmberg, C. Triplett, D. Schlaible, N. Poolman)

In gun-loving North Dakota, one activist pushes for gun control – Washington Post

Medal of Honor recipient back in N.D. – Bismarck Tribune

Forum editorial: Childhood education bill: ‘yes’ – (K. Baesler, N. Poolman, P. Murphy, K. Hogan, K. Hawken, N. Johnson, J. Lee)

Andrew Imes, Williston, Column: Oil development, taxes and saving our pennies


Legislators Debate Over Taxes – KFYR-TV (K. Onstad, J. Haak, M. Schneider, C. Headland)

ND Democrats Criticize Corporate Tax Cuts – KXMB-TV (M. Schneider, R. Wardner, J. Dotzenrod, C. Headland)

Pat Finken, Bismarck, Letter: Democrats in ND Legislature reveal bias against business

Great Plains News:

Stricter ND seat belt law defeated in North Dakota House – (R. Weisz, R. Becker, M. Owens)

Extra travel money for rural ND legislators rejected – (W. Belter, J. Kelsh, M. Strinden)

Senate approves two benefit bills for ND veterans – (C. Nelson)

No ND sales tax exemption for secondhand clothing stores – (J. Haak)



North Dakota Senate panel urges ‘do not pass’ for pre-K funding – Forum Communications (P. Murphy, R. Erbele, K. Krebsbach, B. Bowman, R. Kilzer, R. Carlisle, G. Lee)

Amended oil tax bill explained – Bismarck Tribune (D. Cook, R. Holmberg, R. Wardner, D. O’Connell, W. Belter, A. Carlson, D. Drovdal)

Lobbying groups in North Dakota come together for Medicaid expansion – Forum Communications (R. Weisz)

Senate OKs funds to improve school safety – Bismarck Tribune (T. Grindberg, L. Laffen, R. Holmberg, L. Robinson, C. Mock, K. Koppelman, B. Amerman)

North Dakota abortion proposal could draw legal challenges – Forum Communications (S. Berry, C. Nelson)

North Dakota bill adds minimum penalties for underage drinking – Forum Communications (C. Damschen, J. Delzer, J. Heilman, K. Kempenich)

North Dakota House kills tax break for thrift shops – Associated Press

North Dakota Senate approves funds for military caskets – Associated Press

North Dakota oil boom again draws national media attention – Forum Communications

North Dakota Legislature: House OKs bill to raise bar for grand jury probes – Forum Communications (R. Brabandt, C. Mock)

Officials warn of impact of failing to pass domestic abuse act – Forum Communications

Fargo Forum Editorial: Higher ed saga still unfolding

Minot Daily News Editorial: Tougher DUI laws necessary

Kenton Onstad, Opinion: Stop the nonsense about North Dakota’s oil taxes

Great Plains News:

ND House backs stiffer penalties for underage booze suppliers – (C. Damschen)

Summoning a North Dakota grand jury may get harder – (W. Kretschmar, C. Mock)


Tougher Penalties Proposed for Underage Drinking – KFYR-TV (K. Karls, J. Heilman)

Overweight Trucks – KFYR-TV

Oil Tax Bill – KFYR-TV

House Approves Tougher Penalties for Underage Drinkers – KXMB-TV (C. Damschen, J. Heilman)

N.D. House Defeats Measure to Give Tax Break to Thrift Stores – KXMB-TV (J. Haak, C. Headland)



After lawmakers strip funding, North Dakota education officials say early childhood education is working – Forum Communications (N. Poolman, K. Baesler)

Grand Forks council wades into debate over gay rights – GF Herald

Tax exemptions for low-income housing supported – Bismarck Tribune (D. Cook, L. Laffen, M. Schneider, L. Bellew, C. Kreun)

Senate backs legislative oversight of initiated measures – Bismarck Tribune

Bill would add protection for ND homeowners during disaster – Forum Communications (S. Berry)

Tougher DUI penalties advance in the Senate – Forum Communications (E. Glassheim)

ND Senate bumps funding for legal aid agency – Associates Press (J. Warner)

Things heating up in Bismarck – Williston Herald (L. Laffen, M. Schneider)

Senate passes abortion bills – Williston Herald (C. Nelson, S. Berry, J. Lee, J. Grabinger, O. Larsen, C. Triplett, M. Sitte, R. Marcellais)

Heitkamp hosts roundtable on Violence Against Women Act at United Tribes – Bismarck Tribune

Local leaders: Domestic violence on the rise here – Jamestown Sun

Tax commissioner: State 4 percent behind on tax returns – Dickinson Press (C. Fong)

John Irby Column: Republicans send a blow to the arts by defeating STEAM

Leier: Examining the bills that impact outdoors – Forum Communications

Dalrymple signs North Dakota water projects bill – Associated Press

Tom Fiebiger, Fargo, Letter: ‘Success’ defined by rights

Williston Herald Editorial: Affordable Housing Initiative is in serious trouble

John Andrist, Williston, Letter: Doing what I think is right

Guest Commentary: Violence Against Women Act: Why Native women matter

Erin Kunz, Grand Forks, letter: N.D. liberals and moderates, unite

Great Plains News:

Amendment gives ND Legislature power to veto some budget initiatives – (D. Hogue, M. Sitte, M. Schneider)

ND House agrees to relax no-smoking notice rules for buildings, vehicles – (D. Anderson)

Senate approves tougher North Dakota drunken driving penalties  


Sinner Elected to Senate Fifty Years After Father – KXMB-TV (G. Sinner,

Early Childhood Education – KFYR-TV (N. Poolman, K. Baesler)

Property Tax Relief – KFYR-TV (W. Belter, J. Dotzenrod)

Senator Heitkamp Holds Round-table Discussions on VAWA – KXMB-TV



ND lawmakers cut request for more higher ed employees – Forum Communications (R. Holmberg, M. Nathe)

GOP leaders say there’s no new staff in budget for chancellor – Bismarck Tribune (R. Wardner, M. Schneider)

ND Legislature considering clothing sales tax exemption – Minnesota Public Radio (G. Sinner)

Committee discusses funding of health care studies – Bismarck Tribune (T. Grindberg, T. Mathern, R. Carlisle, R. Holmberg, J. Klein, J. Lee, G. Keiser, R. Weisz)

ND Senate votes to ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy – Associated Press (S. Berry, M. Sitte, C. Nelson)

Fetal pain bill clears the Senate – Bismarck Tribune (S. Berry, C. Nelson, O. Larsen, M. Sitte, J. Grabinger, G. Sinner)

Nokota horse supporters look to North Dakota Legislature – Forum Communications

Forum editorial: Mandated counseling won’t help – (T. Mathern, N. Muscha)

Steve Stark cartoon Feb. 19

GF Herald Editorial, OUR OPINION: Opportunity, need for new governor’s home remain – (B. Thoreson, M. Klein)

Dr. Necito Montaniel, Devils Lake, Letter: Concepts in Sitte’s resolution wrong by God and by science

Dina Butcher, Bismarck, N.D., letter: A government that leaves people alone


State Lawmakers Continue Abortion Debate – KFYR-TV (J. Lee, S. Berry, J. Grabinger, M. Sitte)

Higher Education Funding – KFYR-TV (M. Schneider)

Lawmakers Discuss Crossover – KFYR-TV (R. Wardner)

Bill to Make Abortions Illegal in ND Passes by One Vote – KXMB-TV (C. Triplett, M. Sitte, J. Grabinger, C. Nelson)

Great Plains News:

Police, fire assessments on ND nonprofits defeated in House – (G. Keiser, V. Laning, K. Oversen)

ND Senate approves pair of anti-abortion measures – (C. Nelson, O. Larsen, C. Triplett)

ND Senate confirms three to state Board of Higher Education 

Economic forecaster says ND growth slowing, others catching up – (A. Carlson)

2.16.13 – 2.18.13


North Dakota lawmakers wonder if child care needs adequately addressed – Forum Communications (J. Heckaman, K. Hawken, R. Weisz)

Lawmakers push for funding child care needs – Bismarck Tribune (K. Hawken, J. Heckaman)

North Dakota Legislature: What to watch this week – Associated Press (J. Boschee)

Debate over abortion front and center in North Dakota Legislature – Bismarck Tribune (M. Sitte, B, Grande, S. Lyson)

North Dakota Senate rejects battlefield measure – Associated Press (R. Wardner, D. Dever, C. Nelson)

North Dakota Senate amends oil tax bill – Bismarck Tribune (D. Cook, S. Berry)

Changes to oil tax bill OK’d by Senate – Williston Herald (D. Cook)

House rejects sales tax bill 1096 – Williston Herald (M. Owens, G. Sukut, P. Hatlestad)

Readers split on whether to change North Dakota license plate design – Forum Communications (R. Holmberg, D. Oehlke, G. Lee, E. Gruchalla, B. Thoreson)

Residents want anti-discrimination law in Grand Forks – GF Herald (C. Mock, K. Oversen)

Protest ensues after North Dakota discrimination vote – Forum Communications (M. Sitte)

Constituents protest at Sitte’s home – Bismarck Tribune (M. Sitte, R. Becker, M. Schneider)

Senate rejects anti-discrimination bill – Williston Herald (J. Warner, J. Andrist, D. Hogue, M. Schneider)

Stripper registration ordinances trumped by ND law – Minot Daily News

House increases penalties for DUI proposal – Williston Herald

Williston Herald Editorial: Collecting natural gas is good for the environment and state – (T. Mathern)

Forum editorial: Build new governor’s residence

Minot Daily News Editorial: Governor doesn’t need new home

GF Herald Editorial: OUR OPINION: Keep names of colleges in N.D. Constitution

Bismarck Tribune Editorial: Safety requires all-around effort

Ken Rogers, Column, Bismarck Tribune: Legislative knowledge knows no limits

James Ferragut Column: Cutting milk for children arrogant, stupid, selfish

Lloyd Omdahl Column: Eroding right of petition 

Margaret Sitte, Mandan, Letter: The truth about ND embryo bill

Matthew Worner, Letter: ND goes in wrong direction

Curtis Stofferahn, Grand Forks, letter: Benefits of ‘Milk Bill’ obviously outweigh costs

Stacey Bendish, Mandan, Letter: Don’t lower oil taxes in N.D.

Great Plains News:

ND lawmakers protest spending reductions in child-care measure – (K. Hawken, J. Heckaman)

Bereaved parents say they’re pleased by ND Legislature’s attention to drunken driving

Photos from Feb 15 2013


Child Care Bills – KFYR-TV (J. Heckaman, K. Hawken)

Child Care Continues To Be A Problem In North Dakota – KXMB-TV (J. Heckaman, K. Hawken)

Oil & Gas Production Set Records in December in North Dakota – KXMB-TV

Legislative Forum – KFYR-TV

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