Child care protection bill receives 44-3 yea vote in North Dakota Senate

(BISMARCK, N.D.) – Senate Bill 2125, informally known as “Caylee’s bill,” received a 44-3 favorable vote in the North Dakota Senate chambers Monday, February 25th.

The bill places accountability on negligent caretakers in the case of missing or deceased children and places time requirements on reporting a missing or deceased child.

The bill’s prime sponsor, Senator Tyler Axness, D-Fargo, stated that he was glad to see the bill overwhelming support and looks forward to seeing it continue in the North Dakota House.

“It was great to see the chamber do the right thing today and move legislation forward that offers further protection for real, live kids,” Axness said. “These are the kind of bills that can make a difference in protecting children who are abused, exploited or missing and make them a top priority in our state’s justice system.”

During committee hearings, SB 2125 was supported by several child advocacy groups including many statewide police departments and Fargo Sheriff Paul Laney.

S.B. 2125 is sponsored by Senators Axness, Tim Mathern, D-Fargo, Stanley Lyson, R-Williston, Representatives Kathy Hogan, D-Fargo, Ed Gruchalla, D-Fargo and Andrew Maragos, R-Minot.

Senators Margaret Sitte, R-Bismarck, Tom Campbell, R-Grafton and Gary Lee, R-Casselton were the three nay votes on the bill.



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