Dem-NPL News of the Week – Week 8



North Dakota oil tax rate in middle of pack – Forum Communications (O’ Connell, M. Schneider, D. Cook)

ND Senate denies sales tax exemption for clothes – Associated Press

N. Dakota House approves Medicaid expansion bill – Associated Press (A. Carlson, R. Weisz, C. Pollert, S. Louser)

N.D. House embraces Medicaid Expansion – Forum Communications (R. Becker, T. Porter, R. Weisz)

House votes for Medicaid expansion – Bismarck Tribune (R. Becker, R. Weisz, J. Kasper, T. Porter, C. Pollert, D. Ruby, A. Carlson)

North Dakota House passes stiffer DUI penalties – Forum Communications (K. Koppelman, M. Brandenburg, C. Mock)

N.D. House vote hikes DUI penalties – Bismarck Tribune (K. Koppelman, D. Kiefert, J. Delzer, R. Becker, C. Damschen)

ND House passes state water bill with ‘diversion killing’ amendments – Forum Communications (S. Kelsh, K. Hawken, B. Grande, J. Kasper, E. Gruchalla, J. Heilman)

Nonpublic schools’ contract bill voted down – Bismarck Tribune (M. Dosch, K. Rohr, D. Rust, J. Nelson)

ND Senate reverses course, votes to include funds for buyout of higher ed chancellor – Forum Communications (T. Grindberg)

Second effort to provide buyout for chancellor passes – Bismarck Tribune (K. Krebsbach, J. Andrist, D. Dever, B. Skarphol)

Amendment would eliminate higher ed board – Forum Communications (A. Carlson, R. Becker, T. Beadle, N. Poolman, J. Dockter, A. Looysen, K. Rohr, M. Schatz)

Big win for UND med school in N.D. Senate – Forum Communications (B. Skarphol, R. Erbele)

Oil tax reduction passes state Senate – Williston Herald (R. Wardner, M. Schneider, G. Froseth, B. Skarphol)

North Dakota measure allows public money for lobbyists – Associated Press

Statewide DUI ad campaign launches this week featuring relatives of West Fargo family killed in crash – Forum Staff Reports

Locked-out Crystal workers in North Dakota wait for benefits details – GF Herald (P. Murphy)

BIA, FBI hear stories of child abuse, vow to ‘make improvements’ at Spirit Lake – Grand Forks Herald

North Dakota oil boom leaves oil patch city a bust – Bloomberg News

Fargo Forum Editorial: Higher ed kettle still steaming – (T. Grindberg)

Minot Daily News Editorial: Shirvani concerns here to stay

Williston Herald Editorial: School boards can not decide secretly to allow guns on campus

Duaine Espegard, Bismarck, Letter: Dramatic actions don’t help higher education


Bill to eliminate sales tax on clothing fails – KXMB-TV (G. Sinner)

House passes diluted DUI bill – KFYR-TV (D. Kiefert, K. Koppelman, K. Hogan, C. Mock)

Clothing tax exemption fails – KFYR-TV (J. Lee, G. Sinner)

House says no to private school funding – KFYR-TV (D. Rust)

Expanding Medicaid – KFYR-TV (R. Becker)

Chancellor reaction – KFYR-TV

House approves DUI law – KXMB-TV (D. Kiefert, K. Koppelman, K. Kempenich, R. Boehning, C. Damschen, J. Delzer)

MN Gay marriage bill introduced at Capitol – Valley News Live



Ruling may bring $4 million in unemployment benefits for locked-out American Crystal workers in ND – Forum Communications

Senate OKs bill restructuring oil tax – Bismarck Tribune (D. Cook, C. Triplett, R. Wardner)

N.D. Supreme Court rules in favor of American Crystal Sugar employees – Bismarck Tribune

North Dakota Senate supports early childhood education grants – Forum Communications (T. Flakoll, N. Poolman, T. Wanzek, C. Hofstad, G. Keiser, G. Froseth, T. Porter)

House kills bill for ethics commission – Associated Press (C. Mock)

Outdoor heritage fund passes House – Bismarck Tribune (T. Porter)

Voter ID bill passes North Dakota House – Bismarck tribune 

House kills proposed fee on industrial water sales – Bismarck Tribune (G. Keiser)

ND Senate passes higher ed budget with some changes – Forum Communications (R. Holmberg)

Shirvani ‘humbled’ by Senate vote – Associated Press (T. Grindberg)

ND Senate rejects Shirvani buyout funding by one vote – Forum Communications (T. Grindberg, C. Triplett, R. Holmberg, K. Krebsbach, B. Skarphol)

Effort to provide buyout for chancellor fails – Bismarck Tribune (T. Grindberg, J. Andrist, H. Anderson, C. Triplett, J. Miller, R. Holmberg)

Budget impacts N.D. – Minot Daily News

Officials ‘waiting to see what might happen’ to local programs as sequestration deadline looms – Forum Communications

As energy boom nears cities, backlash grows – Associated Press

Forum editorial: An attempt to scuttle diversion? – (A. Carlson)

KIRSTEN BAESLER AND NICOLE POOLMAN: N.D. data drives preschool education push

John Andrist, Letter: Legislators still have lots of work to do

JERRY JOHNSON: N.D. needs preschool programs now, not later

ANDREW KNIGHT: N.D. trails other states on childhood education

Grand Forks activist loses appeal against state election official – Grand Forks Herald

Great Plains News:

Unhappy with treasurer pay raise, ND House rejects budget – (M. Nathe, A. Carlson, K. Schmidt)

ND House approves $500M income tax cut – (C. Mock, A. Carlson)

New ND license plates in budget bill 

Proposal defeated to make ND voter initiatives tougher to get on ballot – (B. Kretschmar, K. Kempenich)


Senate Passes Oil Tax Bill – KFYR-TV (M. Schneider, T. Axness, D. Cook, R. Wardner)

Senate Approves Lower Oil Extraction Tax – KXMB-TV (J. Dotzenrod, C. Triplett, D. Cook, T. Axness, R. Wardner)

Locked-Out ACS Union Workers Eligible for Unemployment Benefits – Valley News Live (P. Murphy)

Shirvani Stays – KFYR-TV (T. Grindberg, R. Holmberg)

Property Tax Exemption Bill Fails – KFYR-TV (J. Miller)

North Dakota legislature allows guns in schools – WDAY-TV 

Mayor Walaker reacts to diversion decision – WDAY-TV (A. Carlson)



ND bill aims to protect seniors, vulnerable adults – Associated Press (P. Murphy)

Bill could hurt diversion hopes – Forum Communications (A. Carlson, R. Guggisberg)

ND House panel passes Medicaid expansion bill, adds three amendments – Forum Communications (R. Weisz, T. Porter, C. Damschen, A. Fehr)

North Dakota House committee approves Medicaid expansion – Associated Press

Gun-friendly bills advancing in North Dakota House, including concealed weapons in school, church – Forum Communications (G. Froseth, D. Kiefert, B. Amerman, R. Becker, D. Larson, R. Streyle, W. Kretschmar)

North Dakota House passes school gun bill – Bismarck Tribune (G. Froseth, D. Kiefert, K. Koppelman, B. Amerman)

Lawmakers propose direct payments to ND residents – Forum Communications (M. Nelson, V. Steiner, J. Heilman, T. Axnesss, G. Paur, G. Mooney)

Resolutions would allow state to give money back to residents – Bismarck Tribune (V. Steiner, D. Larson, L. Delmore, M. Nelson, R. Boehning, L. Bellew, D. Ruby, M. Schatz)

Lawmakers tackle guns, taxes and divorce in floor session – Bismarck Tribune

Student rep on state Board of Higher Education to bring up Shirvani buyout at meeting – Forum Communications (T. Grindberg)

Students: Shirvani opposition based on record – Forum Communications

Forum editorial: Higher ed credibility on the line

John Andrist, Crosby, Letter: Milk editorial simplified issue

BOB SKARPHOL, Letter, Tioga: Theatrics in N.D. higher education must end

Mike Nathe, Letter, Bismarck: ‘Milk Bill’ lacked support of public


F-M flood diversion project could be greatly affected by new state amendments – WDAY (A. Carlson,

Microbrew License Proposal passes Senate – KFYR-TV (P. Murphy)

Reporting Missing Children – KFYR-TV (M. Sitte, T. Axness)

State Lawmakers Discuss Gun Bills – KFYR-TV (L. Delmore, D. Kiefert, D. Larson, B. Amerman)

House Votes on Bills to Expand Gun Rights – KXMB-TV (R. Becker, K. Koppelman, G. Froseth, D. Kiefert)

Great Plains News:

ND Legislature heads into final week before midsession break – (A. Carlson)

ND House endorses concealed guns in public places – (R. Becker, K. Koppelman)

2.23.13 – 2.25.13


Medicaid, oil taxes among week’s issues in North Dakota Legislature – Associated Press (R. Weisz, D. Cook, K. Karls)

North Dakota legislative notebook: More scholarship money may become available – Forum Communications (T. Flakoll, G. Mooney, M. Brandenburg, C. Headland, R. Brabandt)

Lead-foot legislators: Some ND lawmakers speed outside the law – Forum Communications (C. Triplett, D. Ruby, B. Koppelman)

Welfare drug test bill killed by North Dakota House – Forum Staff Report

North Dakota bill requiring warrant for drone use passes House – Forum Communications (R. Becker, L. Delmore)

North Dakota House passes aerial drone bill; kills welfare drug test bill – Bismarck Tribune (R. Becker, L. Delmore, C. Kreun, C. Mock, M. Nathe, R. Holman, G. Mooney, D. Ruby, B. Grande, C. Pollert)

Senate tackles tax bills – Bismarck Tribune

Legislature on track to meet crossover deadline – Bismarck Tribune (R. Wardner, A. Carlson)

Committee approves HB 1215 – Williston Herald

Numerous firearms bills debated during North Dakota Legislature – Minot Daily News

Former Sen. Conrad mourns death of dog Dakota – Forum Communications

Guns in school: Some North Dakota lawmakers want to let school boards decide issue in secret – Forum Communications (D. Kiefert)

UND Student Senate introduces resolution for vote on Chancellor Shirvani – Grand Forks Herald

Column, MARIE STRINDEN: There is no voter fraud, just vote suppression

GF Herald Editorial, OUR OPINION: Board, Shirvani need better relations with presidents

Williston Herald Editorial: House Bill 1215 is bad for ND

Williston Herald Editorial: Investing in our children is a great idea

Sen. Joe Miller, Park River, Letter: Doctor’s assertions about life, conception, Creator are wrong

Lloyd Omdahl: Saved by referral, initiative

Mike Jacobs, MATTERS AT HAND: The higher ed debate we should be having

Jane Ahlin: North Dakota Legislature proudly walks backward

Nick Smith, Column: Debates prompt interesting comments – (L. Robinson, N. Poolman, T. Flakoll, J. Kasper, C. Kreun)

Libby Claerbout, Minot, Letter: Child care crisis heads for disaster

Ryan Bakken: Revenge on a license plate

Jeff Zarling, Williston, Letter: Housing initiative at risk

C.T. Marhula, Grand Forks, Letter: Private school bill is out of line

Richard Shafer, Grand Forks, Letter: We’re living in a theocratic state

Kathy Huguein, Wishek, Letter: Taking issue with lawmakers, oil

Great Plains News:

ND Senate settles on property tax plan – (D. Cook)

Harsher penalties for ND election fraud endorsed 

No drug tests for welfare applicants, ND House decides – (G. Mooney, D. Ruby)

Get a warrant for drone surveillance, North Dakota House says – L. Delmore, M. Nathe, R. Becker)

ND House backs lawsuit against feds over wetlands – (C. Headland)

ND pension funds should divest from Iran, House decides – (G. Mooney, E. Glassheim)

ND House: Give new workers option of skipping state pension fund – (B. Amerman)

Money for ND wine industry angers Senate Ag Committee chairman – (J. Miller, J. Dotzenrod)


State Senate Votes on Property Tax Bills – KFYR-TV (G. Sinner, D. Cook)

ND House Passes Corridor Bill – KFYR-TV (T. Porter, B. Skarphol, J. Kelsh)

Oil Tax Fund Reaches $850 Million – Valley News Live


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