Dem-NPL News of the Week – Week 10



Diversion Authority wants amendments removed – Forum Communications

Gruchalla says $500 DUI fine not enough – Forum Communications (E. Gruchalla, K. Armstrong)

Tougher DUI sentences pursued – Bismarck Tribune (K. Armstrong, R. Becker, H. Anderson)

N.D. Senate passes bill to bar future locked-out workers from benefits – Forum Communications (T. Mathern, H. Anderson)

Senate votes on unemployment insurance eligibility – Bismarck Tribune

ND Senate set for vote on abortion measures – Associated Press

ND lawmakers ask TSA to replace body scanners – Associated Press

READ LETTER: 6 former campus heads want Shirvani fired, warn of ‘presidential exodus’ – Forum Communications

University system general counsel finds no evidence of violations – Bismarck Tribune (T. Grindberg)

Census: Williston, Dickinson rank among fastest-growing ‘micro areas’ in nation – Forum Communications


Forum editorial: Reject ND anti-voter resolution – (A. Carlson)

Steve Stark cartoon March 15

Rep. Al Carlson, Letter to the editor: Lawmakers should work in session; not play on Twitter

Sen. Jessica Unruh, Letter: Conservation amendment fell short of addressing real needs

GF Herald Editorial OUR OPINION: Support a new census for North Dakota

Doyle Johannes, Letter: Editorial was not factual

Bruce Hingst, Fargo, Letter: The liberal hype is not taking hold

Great Plains News:

Senator says tougher ND drunken driving laws will clog courts – (K. Armstrong)


Bills Dealing with Tougher DUI Penalties Considered – KXMB-TV (K. Armstron, E. Gruchalla, D. Ruby)

DUI bill is losing strength – WDAY-TV (E. Gruchalla, K. Armstrong)

Raw Milk Amendment – KFYR-TV (D. Johnson)

Union Bill Passes – KFYR-TV (T. Mathern, H. Anderson)

Open Meeting Law Allegations – KFYR-TV



Dems express concern about North Dakota abortion bills – Forum Communications (K. Oversen, G. Mooney, A. Looysen)

Packed room for abortion bill testimony – Bismarcl Tribune (S. Berry, O. Larsen)

Oil’s 2011 impact in North Dakota measured at $30 billion – Forum Communications

Study: Oil industry economic impact pegged at $30 billion – Associated Press (M. Schneider)

Study: Oil contributed $30.4B to state’s economy – Bismarck Tribune

Crystal Sugar contests worker benefits ruling – Forum Communications

Drone debate: Privacy vs. economic opportunity – Forum Communications (M. Sitte, C. Kreun, R. Becker)

Property taxes remain hot issue – Williston Herald (B. Skarphol)

Commission waiting on Legislature – Williston Herald

Sen. Heitkamp proposes new census for North Dakota – Forum Communications 

Council of regents resolution shot down – Forum Communications (N. Poolman, J. Miller)

Proposal mulled to extend North Dakota legislative session – Associated Press (S. Kelsh)

North Dakota lawmakers propose autism database – Associated Press


Sen. Tyler Axness, Letter: Natural heritage is at risk

Minot Daily News Editorial: Chancellor allegations are serious

Sharon Buhr, Valley City, Letter to the editor: Senate ignores dangers of climage change to N.D.

Sally Morris, East Grand Forks, letter: N.D. should rethink vouchers, school choice

Charlie Adams, West Fargo, Letter: Democrats should quit the spin and blame, and offer solutions

Great Plains News:

ND Senate agrees to block jobless benefits in future worker lockouts – (J. Unruh, P. Murphy)

ND Senate set to debate benefits for locked-out workers 

UND fears drone legislation could harm efforts to land test site


Unemployment Benefits – KFYR-TV (P. Murphy, J. Klein)

Money for Oil Country – KFYR-TV

State Senate Looks at Underage Drinking Bill – KFYR-TV (S. Lyson, C. Nelson, C. Damschen)

Williston Prepares for the Unknown – KFYR-TV

Proposal to Expand Laws Covering Synthetic Drugs – KXMB-TV



Amendment targets locked-out workers – Forum Communications (J. Klein)

Dalrymple: N.D. lawmakers should stick to property tax relief plan – Forum Communications

Battle for Killdeer Mountain decided; Foes of drilling near historic site out of options – Associated Press

Student rep upset over quick Higher Ed Board meeting – Forum Communications

Opponents of drone regulation bill propose study of the issue – Bismarck Tribune (R. Becker, C. Kreun, S. Berry)

Senate denies two bills – Williston Herald (C. Triplett, B. Bowman)

ND legislative session costs estimated $65,000 a day – Associated Press

Abortion bills kick up debate – Bismarck Tribune (B. Grande, D. Hogue)

Doctor: ND laws will spur ‘backroom’ abortions – Associated Press (B. Grande)

Newborns at a Grand Forks nursing home – GF Herald


Jamestown Sun Editorial: Namecalling hides issue of more importance – (J. Haak, A. Carlson)

GF Herald Editorial: OUR OPINION: Let path to statewide votes in North Dakota stay clear

Bismarck Tribune Editorial: Citizens have a constitutional right to know

Fargo Forum editorial: North Dakota Farm Bureau’s duplicity – (T. Flakoll)

Duaine Espegard, Grand Forks, Letter: Drama generates media stories, but does not help ND higher ed 

Rep. Joe Heilman, Letter: Students welcome in debate

Tammy Osvold, Cavalier, N.D., letter: Thank you, N.D. House, for Medicaid expansion vote

Minot Daily News Editorial: Wildlife study vital to heritage 


School Funding – KFYR-TV 

Locked Out Workers May Not Get Unemployment Benefits – KFYR-TV

Abortion Debate Continues – KFYR-TV (B. Grande)

Great Plains News:

ND governor says education bill will help students, limit property taxes

ND anti-abortion measures draw flak in Senate

ND energy measure would cut oil taxes more quickly

3.9.13 – 3.12.13


Shortage of child care a real concern in Oil Patch – Forum Communications (K. Hawken, T. Porter, J. Heckaman)

F-M area diversion amendment changes likely, but doubts linger – Forum Communications (A. Carlson, T. Grindberg, R. Holmberg, L. Roinson)

Lawmakers look at election changes – Bismarck Tribune (R. Boehning, A. Maragos, C. Mock, A. Carlson, K. Onstad)

North Dakota Legislatures to address Medicaid expansion, abortion this week – Associated Press (D. Cook, C. Triplett)

No shortage of ideas for retooling North Dakota higher ed – Forum Communications (A. Carlson, J. Heilman, J. Kelsh, R. Becker)

Resolutions seek major changes in higher ed system – Bismarck Tribune (A. Carlson, R. Becker, B. Martinson, M. Nathe, D. Vigesaa, D. Hogue, D. Schlaible, L. Klemin, T. Beadle, J. Dockter, A. Looysen, K. Rohr, M. Schatz, N. Poolman)

Studies focus on oil’s impact on North Dakota wildlife – Forum Communications

Facing increased oil traffic, ND relocates herd of bighorn sheep by helicopter – Forum Communications 

Heritage fund Amendment fails – KFGO (T. Axness)

Bighorn sheep moved out of north unit of park – Bismarck Tribune

Oil industry opposes ND House oil tax measure – Associated Press (R. Streyle, D. Cook)

Second Dunn County petition against Gov. Dalrymple dismissed – Forum Communications

Young North Dakotans drawn to public service – Forum Communications (K. Oversen, A. Looysen, C. Mock)

Abortion foe Rep. Bette Grande not afraid of controversy – Forum Communications (B. Grande, W. Belter, B. Amerman)

Bismarck-Mandan freshmen getting in the groove – Bismarck Tribune (N. Poolman, R. Becker, J. Dockter, M. Nathe, D. Larson, C. Mock, N. Toman, V. Laning, T. Porter, M. Dosch, M. Sitte)

ND Senate passes crime compensation measure – Associates Press

Bill would force more public votes on building projects – Forum Communications (J. Kasper)

ND higher ed board to review ‘disturbing’ allegations surrounding Chancellor Shirvani – Forum Communications (T. Grindberg)

Bob Valeu is the new ND Democratic chairman – Associated Press

Fargo Forum editorial: Wildlife and oil don’t mix

Chad Oban, Opinion: We Need to Elect People Who Truly Represent North Dakotans

TYLER AXNESS: Protect or lose N.D.’s wild and scenic lands

Tony Bender, Ashley, Letter: Puritans out to hang the pagans

Rep. John Wall, Wahpeton, Letter: Amendments sensible options

Rep. Wes Belter, Letter: Taxpayers come first with ‘local’

Andy Peterson, Letter: It’s time for ND Legislature to pass property tax relief

BOB ROST: Lawmakers’ overreaction could harm public safety

BRUCE GJOVIG: Don’t strap tie-downs on N.D.’s chance to soar

Nick Smith, Column: Early second-half highlights

GF Herald Editorial: OUR OPINION: Let local control over property taxes stay local

Fargo Forum editorial: State says Keystone best option

Minot Daily News Editorial: Legislation helpful to all of N.D.

Williston Herald Editorial: Senate sends wrong message with vote on university chancellor

Von Pinnon: Dear Shirvani: Take the buyout; consider it a learning experience

Mike Jacobs, Column: Modest proposals for a stronger higher ed board

Bismarck Tribune Editorial: Initiative checks power of lawmakers

Germaine Erbele, LaMoure, Letter: Anti-child legislators disappoint

Barry Nelson, Fargo, Letter: ‘Grow up!’ too simple for senator

Paula Thomsen, Valley City, Letter to the editor: Legislators disrespect wishes of N.D. voters

Roberta Olson, Gwinner, Letter: Voting is a right, not a privilege

Susan Rae Helgeland, Letter: Mistake to cut services

Niles Eastman, Fargo, Letter: Cramer endorses devastating cuts

Betty Ferguson, Fargo, Letter: Majority leader is out of control

Kathleen Bennett, Fargo, Letter: Forget plates; fund kids’ milk

Great Plains News:

ND energy measure would cut oil taxes more quickly

Lawmaker: Set aside $450M of ND oil money for college scholarships – (T. Grinberg)

Proposals would dump ND Board of Higher Education – (A. Carlson)

Former university system lawyer says Shirvani ignored open meetings laws


Fixing School Funding Error – KFYR-TV (T. Boe, R. Marcellais, D. Monson)

Amendments to Daycare Bill – KFYR-TV

Animal Cruelty Impacts – KFYR-TV

Two Options on the Table for Dealing with Higher Ed Issues – KXMB-TV (A. Carlson, R. Becker)

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