Dem-NPL News of the Week – Week 11



Oil tax changes shot down in North Dakota – Forum Communications (D. Cook, C. Headland)

N.D. House rejects oil tax restructuring bill – Bismarck Tribune (D. Cook, C. Headland, B. Grande, J. Miller, T. Campbell, D. Schaible, B. Koppelman, D. Larson)

NDSU officials say abortion ‘gag rule’ could stall research – Forum Communications (B. Grande)

North Dakota abortion bill amended to kill sex-ed grant – Bismarck Tribune (J. Miller, T. Campbell, D. Schlaible, B. Koppelman, D. Larson, K. Rohr)

North Dakota Republican Pols To Protest Anti-Abortion Laws: ‘We Have Stepped Over The Line’ – Huffington Post (K. Hawken)

ND Higher Ed Board votes 5-3 to back Chancellor Shirvani – Forum Communications 

Board of Higher Ed passes resolution supporting Shirvani – Bismarck Tribune (T. Grindberg, K. Krebsbach)

Voter identification measure debated – Bismarck Tribune (R. Boehning, B. Grande, M. Nathe, R. Streyle, B. Thoreson, A. Wieland, S. Berry)

Free ID would fulfill requirement at polls – Forum Communications

Rally against abortion bills to be held in Grand Forks – GF Herald

ND officials: Permanent flood protection needed – Associated Press (A. Carlson)

N.D. Gov. Dalrymple owns stock in company that plans to drill near Elkhorn site – Bismarck Tribune \


Fargo Forum editorial: Veto ND abortion legislation

Star Tribune Editorial: North Dakota governor should veto abortion limits

Minot Daily News Editorial: Protecting an historic N.D. site

GF Herald Editorial, OUR OPINION: Fargo-Moorhead diversion deserves Grand Forks’ support 

Jayme Davis, Rolette, N.D., letter: Dalrymple must veto unconstitutional anti-abortion bills

Edward Halas, Grand Forks, letter: Foolish to ignore threat to accreditation

Eleri Oley Kerian, Grafton, Letter: Governor should sign pro-life bill

Great Plains News: 

Senator says talk of firing ND college presidents hurt chancellor – (T. Grindberg)

Divided ND Board of Higher Ed votes to back chancellor

Resistance to ND mandatory voter ID rule


Oil Tax Bill Fails – KFYR-TV (K. Onstad, D. Cook)

House Defeats Measure to Lower Oil Taxes – KXMB-TV

Debate Over Abortion Bills – KFYR-TV (M. Sitte, D. Ruby)

Republican Lawmakers Defend Abortion Bills – KXMB-TV (D. Ruby, M. Sitte, J. Miller)

Board of Higher Ed Shows Support For Chancellor – KFYR-TV

House Passes Amendment to Abortion Bill – KFYR-TV (J. Boschee, P. Silbernagel)

Fargo team taking stance for Sex Education Program – WDAY-TV



ND Early Childhood funding has second hearing – Forum Communications (N. Poolman, K. Baesler, M. Nathe)

Lawmakers reject direct payments to residents – Bismarck Tribune (E. Glassheim, R. Boehning, J. Schmidt, K. Koppelman, S. Zaiser, W. Belter)

Witnesses argue over lifting ban on bottle rockets – Bismarck Tribune (B. Thoreson)

ND lawmakers pass roll-your-own cigarettes tax measure – Associated Press

Fargo to build 500,000 new sandbags to prep for flood that could rival 2010, 2011 – Forum Communications

Unlikely partners in gas drilling: Oil companies, environmental groups agree on tough new fracking standards – Associated Press 

Colorado governor signs bills for checks, limiting magazines – Associated Press

School board’s Strand no stranger to controversy when it comes to preserving aging landmarks – Forum Communications

Legislative forum Saturday – GF Herald


Fargo Forum editorial: A stealth attack on research – (B. Grande)

Beth Nodland, Bismarck, Letter: Grandstanders don’t speak for personal family situations

Rachel Wassberg, Fargo, Letter: True place is in house, not House

Ray Gross, Fargo, Letter: Grande’s conduct proves her point

Susan Thompson, West Fargo, Letter: Next step: Stop them at the border – (B. Grande)

Katherine Young, Orlando, Fla., Letter: All eyes on my native ND

Dan Wigen, Minot, N.D. letter: Threatened landscape demands N.D.’s intervention

Steve Sulland, Grand Forks, N.D. letter: Legislators torture animal-abuse bill

Trygve Olson cartoon March 21


No checks for you! ND House rejects giving money to residents – (J. Schmidt, S. Zaiser, A. Carlson)

ND superintendent says rural schools don’t want gun policy – (K. Baesler, D. Kiefert)


Hot Box – Valley News Live (M. Sitte)

Memorial Service at the Capitol – KFYR-TV

Bill Addresses Mandatory Reporting of Abuse to Vulnerable Adults – KXMB-TV (M. Schneider, P. Murphy)

Disposal Site Controversy – KFYR-TV

Fargo to Open Sandbag Central to Prepare for Potential Flooding – Valley News Live 

North Dakota Retail Bill to Help Grape Growers, Wine Industry – Valley News Live



ND state officials coming out against gun bills – Forum Communications (R. Streyle, M. Sitte, D. Kiefert)

Heavy debate on gun bills – Bismarck Tribune (D. Kiefert, K. Baesler, R. Streyle, B. Grande)

ND bill would close nearly all public info about car crashes – Forum Communications (M. Owens, K. Armstrong)

Bipartisan group of ND lawmakers urges Dalrymple to veto abortion bills – Associated Press (K. Hawken, C. Nelson)

ND higher ed board schedules another special meeting on Chancellor Shirvani – Forum Communications

Oil wells proposed near Theodore Roosevelt National Park – Forum Communications

White Shield: No to oil waste – Bismarck Tribune


OUR OPINION: Dalrymple’s oath compels veto of North Dakota abortion bills

Minot Daily News Editorial: Let the people decide

Rep. Kenton Onstad, Letter to the editor: Haak has contributed much during 2013 session

Sen. John Andrist, Letter: Wish I didn’t have to vote on abortion issues

AL FRANKEN: Congress must finish the job on the Farm Bill

Hower Oppegard, Valley City, Letter: Power-grabbing bill unacceptable 

Susan Beehler, Mandan, Letter: Guns protected, not children


Oil Tax Cut Proposal – KFYR-TV

Democrats Oppose Oil Tax Cuts – KFYR-TV (M. Schneider)

DPI Opposes Guns in Schools Bill – KXMB-TV (D. Kiefert)

ND Attorney General Tells Lawmakers to Kill Gun Rights Bill – KXMB-TV (B. Grande)

Early Childhood Development – KFYR-TV



Dems: GOP extraction rate proposal robbing state funds – Forum Communications (G. Sinner, D. Cook, S. Kelsh)

Oil tax sparks partisan fighting – Bismarck Tribune (M. Schneider, G> Sinner, D. Cook, D. O’Connell, D. Drovdal, W. Belter)

ND Dems slam GOP’s oil tax plan – Forum Communications (D. Cook)

Amendment could again halt NDSU sex ed program – Forum Communications (C. Damschen, B. Grande, D. Kiefert, J. Miller)

North Dakota looks to outlaw all abortions – Associated Press (M. Sitte)

Abortion bills yet to make it to Dalrymple’s desk – Forum Communications

North Dakota Senate to hear spate of pro-gun measures – Associated Press

Senate OKs home rule charter measure – Bismarck Tribune (H. Anderson, L. Klemin)

Doctors say ND Legislature’s ‘personhood’ bills violate medical privacy rights – Forum Communications

North Dakota passes restrictive abortion laws – Politico (B. Grande)

House takes up bill that provides $10M for school safety improvements – Bismarck Tribune (L. Laffen, L. Robinson, M. Nathe, T. Flakoll, N. Poolman, T. Beadle, W. Trottier)

North Dakota looks at more abortion restrictions – Forum Communications

ND lawmakers ask for more information from university system – Forum Communications (B. Skarphol)

Williston deaths highlight challenges of policing Oil Patch – Dickinson Press 

Staking Roosevelt’s roost – Bismarck Tribune


Stan Stein, Wahpeton, Letter: North Dakota succeeds because of visionary Republican leaders

Minot Daily News Editorial: Gun bills drawing a crowd 

LA Times Editorial: Subverting reproductive rights: North Dakota’s dubious honor

Henry Lebak, Bismarck, Letter: The disconnection of Margaret Sitte

Andrea Johnson, Column, Minot Daily News: Shame on North Dakota Legislature

Dr. Kristen Cain, Fargo, Letter: Don’t criminalize medical decisions

Sarah Stoesz, Eden Prairie, Minn., letters: Anti-abortion bills set women’s rights back


Blaine Amendment – KFYR-TV (E. Glassheim, K. Koppelman)

Hunting License Bill Fails – KFYR-TV (C. Triplett)

Democrats Say Oil Tax Bill Will Cost ND Billions – KXMB-TV (G. Sinner, D. Cook)

Abortion legislation in North Dakota has some local physicians upset – WDAY-TV 


Great Plains News: 

ND Dems decry potential $1.3B loss from oil tax cuts – (S. Kelsh, M. Schneider, D. Cook)

State aid to ND religious schools rejected – (B. Grande, D. Rust)

ND chancellor says higher ed admin can be streamlined – (R. Streyle)

3.16.13 – 3.18.13


North Dakota Legislature: Abortion top issues at Capitol this week – Associated Press

Bill seeks transparency in campaign contributions – Forum Communications (L. Luick, D. Dever)

Committee members quiz senator on petition bill – Bismarck Tribune (A. Maragos, P. Hatlestad, D. Hogue, J. Kelsh, L. Bellew, L. Klemin, M. Nathe)

North Dakota House passes bill to restructure higher ed – Forum Communications (J. Heilman, R. Becker, E. Glassheim, B. Skarphol)

Gov. Dalrymple sees successes, potential in ND higher ed system – Forum Communications 

Gov. Dalrymple faces choice on abortion restrictions – Associated Press (D. Cook, M. Schneider)

Anti-abortion attorney says heartbeat measure won’t survive legal challenge – Forum Communications

North Dakota close to banning abortions at 6 weeks – Associated Press (B. Grande, C. Triplett, M. Sitte)

Abortion bills passed – Bismarck Tribune (S. Berry, C. Triplett, C. Nelson, M. Sitte, M. Schneider, T. Wanzek, R. Wardner)

2 abortion bills clear Senate, off to Gov. – Williston Herald (C. Triplett, R. Wardner, M. Schneider, M. Sitte, C. Nelson, S. Berry)

Abortion rights group to ND governor: Veto abortion bill – Associated Press

ND senator walks out on abortion bill proceedings – Associated Press (C. Triplett)

North Dakota Senate puts down drone bill – Forum Communications (R. Becker)

Chamber members urged to take action – Forum Communications

Oil industry used 5.4 billion gallons of water in 2012 – Forum Communications

TAKING AIM: Women sound off on both sides of the gun control debate – Forum Communications (B. Grande)


Fargo Forum editorial: Two bills not at all about ‘life’

GF Herald Editorial, OUR OPINION: Higher-ed amendment could threaten accreditation

Bismarck Tribune Editorial: What could higher ed look like?

GF Herald Editorial, OUR OPINION: Support bill to put U.S. records online

Bismarck Tribune Editorial: North Dakota continues to grow

Column, Jane Ahlin: Pro-life attorney sees ND legislation ‘dead on arrival’

Jackie Stebbins Bismark, N.D. letters: GOP lawmakers act with intolerance

Column, Lloyd Omdahl: Oil puts ND in big leagues

Rep Kathy Hawken, Letter: Still time to repair the damage

Sen. Ralph Kilzer, Bismarck, Letter: Senator backed higher funding

Column, Nick Smith, Bismarck Tribune: Committee labeled as ‘eye candy’ – (M. Nathe, L. Klemin, E. Gruchalla, D. Ruby)

Brent Sanford, Watford City, Letter: Public safety compromised

Duaine Espegard, Bismarck, N.D. letters: Higher-ed board qualified, dedicated to N.D.

Tim Hart, Jamestown, Letter to the editor: Jamestown residents should be proud of Haak’s service

Charlie Barber, Mandan, Letter: An unhappy N.D. Democrat

Kevin Tengesdal, Bismarck, Letter: Seeking forums for District 35

Martin Galde, Wahpeton, Letter: Two issues to consider in ND higher ed mess


Two Abortion Bills Pass – KFYR-TV (S. Berry, M. Sitte, J. Warner, C. Triplett)

Campaign Contributions Bill – KFYR-TV

ND Senate Passes Abortion Bills – KX News (M. Sitte, C. Triplett, C. Nelson, M. Schneider, R. Wardner)

House Measure Allows Voters to Decide Future of Higher Ed – (B. Skarphol, A. Carlson)

Great Plains News:

Grand Forks senator’s ‘walk-off’ during abortion vote ignites debate – (C. Triplett, R. Wardner)

ND House: Dump Board of Higher Education, appoint university czar – (J. Heilman, E. Glassheim, L. Klemin)

ND Legislature to stay at 80 days – (R. Becker, S. Kelsh)

ND governor to get bill banning abortions after six weeks 

$450M scholarship fund reconsidered, defeated in ND Senate – (D. Cook)

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