Dem-NPL News of the Week – Week 12




ND Senate backs concealed weapons in churches but not in schools – Forum Communications (D. Kiefert, C. Triplett, S. Lyson, C. Nelson, R. Becker)

Guns in church but not school – Bismarck Tribune (S. Lyson, C. Triplett, K. Koppelman, R. Boehning, J. Heilman, J. Kasper, D. Larson, D. Ruby, B. Thoreson, M. Sitte, D. Hogue, R. Marcellais, N. Poolman)

Open government wins, loses – Williston Herald (R. Frantsvog, D. Hogue, M. Owens, D. Ruby, J. Kasper)

North Dakota lawmakers want to question presidential orders – Forum Communications (D. Monson, C. Nelson)

Plan to move MRCC shifts to Mandan – Bismarck Tribune (A. Wieland, R. Carlisle, D. Cook)

When are wells too close? – Bismarck Tribune (G. Froseth)

Bill tackles when oil drilling begins – Bismarck Tribune (B. Hunskor)

Cramer accused of tirade at American Indian meeting – Forum Communications 

Social media gives voice to nation’s thoughts on ND abortion bills – Forum Communications (K. Hawken)

War on women is still losing – Slate

Report calls North Dakota the freest state – Forum Communications

In North Dakota, the Most Freedom! Unless you’re a woman – Washington Post

Sen. Heitkamp: Affordable housing a priority in ND – Associated Press

Heitkamp talks housing – Minot Daily News

The One Woman Screwing Up North Dakota’s Plan to End Abortion – The Daily Beast 

Former NRA president, UND professor debate gun control – GF Herald


Bismarck Tribune Editorial: Legislature right on suicide training

Fargo Forum editorial: Turn back accident data bill

Minot Daily News Editorial: Questioning support for SB 2130

Kathy Knecht, Fargo, Letter: Woman should decide the issue

Bruce Conmy & Marna Crow, Letter: Reject editorial page vitriol and be honest about abortion

Bruce Kaldor, Sacramento, Calif., letter: Back-alley abortions will reappear after 40 years

Kelly Hogness, Grand Forks, letter: Legislature, governor act irresponsibly

Tom Ricker, Englevale, Letter to the editor: N.D. voters shouldn’t have to hand an ID card to vote


Lawmakers Say Property Tax Relief is Still on the Agenda – KFYR-TV (C. Headland, M. Schneider)

Gun Bills Heard in the State Senate – KFYR-TV (S. Lyson, N. Poolman, D. Hogue, C. Triplett)

Lawmakers Tackle Gun Bills in Senate – KXMB-TV (N. Poolman, M. Sitte, D. Hogue, S. Berry, C. Triplett, S. Lyson)

North Dakota passes bills expanding gun rights – WDAY-TV (N. Poolman, M. Sitte, D. Hogue, S. Berry, C.Triplett, S. Lyson)



Bill gives Legislature more clout on initiated measures – Bismarck Tribune (D. Hogue, L. Delmore, K. Koppelman, W. Kretschmar)

Higher education department discussed – Bismarck Tribue (D. Hogue, A. Carlson, M. Sitte, B. Martinson, M. Nathe, D. Vigesaa, D. Hogue, D. Schaible)

In turnaround move, North Dakota Senate amends K-12 funding bill to provide milk for low-income students – Forum Communications (T. Flakoll, J. Boschee)

Senate amends school gun bill – Bismarck Tribune

Gov’s office fields phone calls regarding anti-abortion bills – Forum Communications

Governor approves abortion legislation – Williston Herald

Chancellor Shirvani denies he misled lawmakers – Associated Press

Staff member says Shirvani misled legislators – Forum Communications

Sexual assault and child abuse survivors celebrated at Capitol – Bismarck Tribune


Fargo Forum editorial: Governor sincere but wrong

Steve Stark cartoon 03.28.13

Donna Mrozla, Fargo, Letter: Cherish legacy of ND personhood

Gary Kubalak, Fargo, Letter: Challenging ‘Roe’ is a noble cause

JoElle Thomas, Central Valley Health, Letter: Abortion bills waste funds and endanger N.D. women

Peter Schiefelbein, Casselton, N.D., letter: N.D. Legislature breaches ‘wall of separation’

Douglas Buehre, West Fargo, Letter: ND Legislature circus of clowns

Deb Seaberg, Detroit Lakes, Letter: Elections are not far away in ND

Stacy Summerville, West Fargo, Letter: How about a fight for born children?

Linda Boyd, Fargo, Letter: ‘Sanctity of life’ doesn’t go far


Nine Cases of Voter Fraud in November Election – KFYR-TV

State Senate Committee Amends Bill to Include Milk for Students – KFYR-TV

Heitkamp Addresses Lawmakers – KFYR-TV

Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Action and Awareness Day – KXMB-TV

Debate Spurs Death Threats & Donations – Valley News Live



Bill aims to prevent teen suicides – Bismarck Tribune (B. Hunskor, N. Muscha, K. Oversen)

Changes proposed for grand jury petitions – Bismarck Tribune (J. Kasper, S. Berry, M. Sitte, J. Grabinger)

Bill would aid growing schools – Bismarck Tribune (T. Flakoll, G. Lee, D. Monson, P. Hatlestad, C. Mock, M. Nathe, D. Rust, M. Sanford, M. Schatz, A. Wieland, D. O’Connell)

House OKs automatic door bill – Bismarck Tribune (L. Laffen, G. Sukut)

Senate rejects bottle rocket sales – Bismarck Tribune (D. Oehlke, S. Lyson, G. Sinner)

Williston leaders reject request for concealed weapons in church – Forum Communications

ND measure provides smoking ban signage – Associated Press (B. Thoreson)

Grand Forks area lawmakers mostly against abortion bills – GF Herald (P. Murphy, M. Owens, L. Delmore, E. Glassheim, J. Miller, C. Triplett)

North Dakota abortion laws will test Roe v. Wade – Forum Communications (B. Grande, C. Triplett, R. Holmberg, J. Delzer, S. Berry, R. Wardner

North Dakota governor signs abortion bills – Bismarck Tribune (B. Grande, K. Hawken, M. Schneider, M. Sitte, R. Wardner)

North Dakota GOP governor signs bill banning most abortions as early as 6 weeks into pregnancy – Associated Press

Abortion argument – Minot Daily News

Tuesday a ‘glorious day’ for anti-abortion advocates – Forum Communications

Ground broken at site of future refinery near Dickinson – Forum Communications

VIDEO: Heitkamp says Bloomberg’s gun control ads don’t get ND – Forum Communications 

Hoeven, Heitkamp search for statewide housing solutions – The Dickinson Press

Supreme Court might sidestep major ruling on gay marriage – Associated Press

GF Herald Editorial, OUR OPINION: ‘Doomed to expensive failure’

NY Times Column: States Gone Wild 

Huffington Post Column: Hey, North Dakota: Abortions Don’t Kill People, People Kill People!

Fargo Forum editorial: Flood fight messages positive

Christina Broadwell, Letter: Returning to practice medicine in my home state not likely now

Betsy Stadick, Fargo, Letter: We have an obligation to take up the fight

Dina Butcher, Bismarck, Letter: Truly reeling from triumph of zealotry

Meredith Power, Fargo, Letter: Disgusted to call ND home today

Lillian Jones, Fargo, Letter: Deplorable abortion bills further victimize women of North Dakota

Mike Hennessy, Grand Forks, letter: GOP should abandon ill-conceived quest

Joan Kuchera, Grand Forks, letter: Bills reflect N.D.’s pro-life population

Jenna Ebersole, Column, Williston Herald: Law enforcement is doing the best with what it has

Jay Taylor, Durbin, Letter to the editor: E-cigs and smokeless tobacco aren’t solutions


Governor Signs Three Abortion Bills Into Law – KFYR-TV (K. Oversen, B. Grande, C. Nelson)

Reaction Varies to Dalrymple’s Signing of Abortion Bills – KXMB-TV (K. Oversen, B. Grande, K. Hawken, C. Triplett, S. Berry

Some are calling the Governor’s move an attack on women’s health – WDAY-TV

Legislative Update – KFYR-TV

North Dakota Accomplishing What Hasn’t Been Done Since 1976 – KXMB-TV

Housing Continues To Be A Challenge In Western N.D. – KXMB-TV

Great Plains News:

Change in ND initiative campaign rules defeated – (J. Kelsh)

Bottle rocket sales crash and burn in ND Senate – (S. Lyson, D. Oehlke)

Abortion foes celebrating ND governor’s signing of abortion restrictions – (M. Sitte)



VIDEO: Hundreds attend Fargo rally urging veto of abortion measures – Forum Communications (B. Grande, A. Carlson)

Hundreds rally against abortion bills at the state Capitol – Bismarck Tribune 

North Dakota Abortion: Rallies Held To Protest Against Measures – Associated Press

Director of Fargo abortion clinic appears on ‘Rachel Maddow Show’ – Forum Communications

3 abortion bills to hit ND governor’s desk today; Dalrymple still mum on whether he’ll sign them – Forum Communications (R. Wardner)

Committee hears arguments for reducing drug paraphernalia charge – Bismarck Tribune (J. Grabinger, K. Armstrong, M. Schneider)

Hoeven says diversion project set for Senate floor – Forum Communications (A. Carlson)

City of Fargo, Cass County to combine sandbagging operations – Forum Communications 

Two dead in Williston camper fire – Forum Communications

Cuts to keep Painted Canyon closed – The Dickinson Press


Fargo Forum editorial: WSI pain bill defies science

Dan Rice, Sharon Carson, Lucy Ganje and Mark Guy, Grand Forks, letter: Don’t let lawmakers censor university work

Karen Stoker, Fargo, Letter: Attack on women’s health threatens health of state

Mary Markland, Fargo, Letter: Sensible thing is to veto bills

Tanya Stebbins, Coleharbor, Letter to the editor: ‘Personhood’ bill is intrusion by government into health

RONALD FISCHER: N.D.’s anti-abortion bills are constitutional

Ellen Schafer, Bismarck, Letter: State should expand Medicaid

Molly McLain, Jamestown, Letter to the editor: Twitter is a great way for lawmakers to reach voters

Jeff Armstrong, Column, ND Free Press: ND’s Political Ice Age


Group Protests Abortion Legislation – KFYR-TV

Women North Dakota Rally Attracts Over 100 People – KFYR-TV Minot

Protesters Rally In Front of Capitol Because of Abortion Measures – KXMB-TV 

N.D. Rallies to Protest Anti-Abortion Measures – Valley News Live

Hundreds fight for Women’s rights in Fargo – WDAY-TV 

Local Rally One of Many Statewide Over Abortion Legislation – WDAZ-TV

Rachel Maddow 3.25.13 – MSNBC

3.23.13 – 3.25.13


As ND Legislature heads toward homestretch, abortion still focus at Capitol – Associated Press (D. Cook)

Bill would classify pain as only a symptom, not sign of worsening pre-existing condition – Forum Communications

Education issues worry Grand Forks lawmakers, residents – GF Herald (C. Mock, A. Carlson, E. Glassheim, M. Owens)

Committee says no to Legacy Fund study – Bismarck Tribune (A. Carlson, A. Maragos, J. Heilman, N. Johnson, R. Carlisle, D. Hogue)

North Dakota takes more swings at abortion – Forum Communications (E. Glassheim, A. Looysen, M. Sitte, V. Laning, K. Oversen, S. Berry, J. Miller)

Cost of defending North Dakota abortion laws could add up quickly – Forum Communications (R. Holmberg)

ND lawmaker says she struggled with abortion votes – Associated Press (N. Muscha)

North Dakota abortion debate gets heated in House – Associated Press (A. Carlson, G. Mooney)

Rep.: Bill regulating abortion doctors won’t help – Associated Press (K. Oversen)

Three more abortion-limiting bills pass; two pending Dalrymple’s signature, one to 2014 statewide ballot – Forum Communications (M. Sitte, J. Miller, S. Berry, V. Laning, K. Oversen)

3 of 4 abortion bills pass – Bismarck Tribune (V. Laning, K. Oversen, G. Mooney, B. Grande, J. Boschee, J. Haak, A. Looysen, C. Damschen, J. Kasper, C. Mock, D. Ruby, R. Weisz, A. Carlson, M. Sitte)

Pastors: Churches should decide on concealed weapons – Forum Communications (S. Lyson)

Petroleum conference to return to Bismarck – Bismarck Tribune


Fargo Forum editorial: Preserving heritage wins roses

Fargo Forum editorial: Oil Patch crimes more than statistics

GF Herald Editorial, OUR OPINION: On abortion, Dalrymple should ‘let the people decide’

GF Herald Editorial, OUR OPINION: Elkhorn Ranch needs permanent protection

Bismarck Tribune Editorial: State ID card for voting unnecessary – (R. Boehning)

Dickinson Press Editorial: Our View: There’s space for both oil, conservation in ND

Column, Jane Ahlin: Extremists not interested in abortion middle ground

Column, Lloyd Omdahl: Higher ed deep in a hole

Nick Smith, Column, Bismarck Tribune: Gun testimony flares up again – (M. nelson, J. Kasper)

Hamm Shirvani, Letter: Hawken short on facts

Susan Wefald, Bismarck, Letter: Legislative work needs priorities

Richard Monson, Valley City, Letter: Make bold investment in heritage

Ellen Linderman, Carrington, Letter: ND Legislature must address animal abuse, neglect penalties

Julie Ellingson, Bismarck, Letter: Animal coalition urges OK of bill

Katie Shortall, Williston, Letter: When will they get the message?

Thomas Dolan, Fargo, Letter: Shameless stunt by ND oil council

Ray Zajac, Mantador, Letter: Legislature out of tune with people

Amy Phillips, Fargo, Letter: Some Fargo legislators have rejected ND values 

Robert Johnson, West Fargo, Letter: ND works against working people

Marvin Frank, Grand Forks, Letter: Voter ID proposal is un-American

Lillian Jones, Fargo, N.D. letters: Shut off the tax breaks that fuel flaring

Mary Markland, Fargo, N.D. letter: Costly anti-abortion bills demand veto

Gary Hoffer, Bismarck, Letter: What happened to N.D. values?

Tim Exner, Jamestown, Letter to the editor: Lawmakers should have options in communicating


League of Women Voters Host Forum – KFYR-TV (D. Cook, M. Sitte)

Abortion Bills Pass – KFYR-TV (A. Carlson, K. Oversen, R. Becker)

Letter Carriers Protest Efforts to Cut Saturday Delivery – KFYR-TV

ND Voters to Decide Abortion Issue – KXMB-TV (N. Muscha, D. Kiefert, R. Anderson, J. Kasper)

North Dakota lawmakers move to ban abortion by defining life as starting at conception – CBS News (A. Carlson, G. Mooney, M. Sitte, O. Larsen, S. Berry, B. Grande)

Great Plains News:

A summary of the North Dakota Legislature’s major abortion bills

ND House approves “right to life” amendment, 20-week abortion ban – R. Weisz, A. Carlson, G. Mooney)


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