Dem-NPL News of the Week – Week 14



Democrats want oil funds reinstated – Bismarck Tribune (M. Schneider, C. Triplett, J. Warner)

Dems create plan to restore funding for oil-impacted areas – Forum Communications (J. Warner, C. Triplett, J. Dotzenrod, R. Kilzer, D. Cook)

Senate OKs K-12 bill, rejects pay increase amendment – Bismarck Tribune (T. Flakoll, J. Heckaman, H. Anderson, G. Lee, D. Schaible, T. Mathern, M. Schneider, R. Wardner)

Bill would provide $714M in property tax relief – Forum Communications (T. Flakoll, J. Heckaman, N. Poolman, L. Robinson)

Conservation Groups Cut – KFYR-TV

County officials not pleased with state – Williston Herald (B. Skarphol)

Higher ed commission OK’d – Bismarck tribune (D. Hogue, A. Carlson, K. Armstrong, J. Grabinger, C. Nelson, S. Lyson, S. Berry, T. Grindberg)

‘Appalling’ number of highway deaths has Oil Patch mayor looking for answers – Forum Communications

Change ‘paves the way’ for Red River diversion – Forum Communications (T. Grindberg, A. Carlson)

Report: UND, NDSU salaries lagging – GF Herald 

Lawmakers pan Medicaid expansion – Bismarck Tribune (D. Dever, M. Sitte, T. Wanzek, R. Holmberg, J. Dotzenrod)

AG requests funding for crime, abortion – Williston Herald


Williston Herald Editorial: No confidence in legislators


K-12 Funding Bill Passes – KFYR-TV (J. Heckaman, B. Bowman, G. Lee, P. Murphy)

Funding Infrastructure Needs – KFYR-TV (C. Triplett)

Law Enforcement Funding in the Oil Patch – KFYR-TV

Democratic Senators Ask for Oil Impact Funding to be Restored – KXMB-TV (T. Mathern)

Senate Approves Education Funding, Property Tax Relief – KXMB-TV (T. Flakoll)


Perils for Swing-State Democrats on Gun Control – NY Times



ND higher ed leaders oppose amendments to funding formula – Forum Communications (T. Grindberg)

Local leaders fight for money – Williston Herald (D. Cook, T. Axness)

ND AG wants $10M to battle oil patch crime – Associated Press

North Dakota Legislature: Lawmakers could not agree on animal abuse bill – Forum Communications (T. Flakoll, J. Miller)

Oil extraction tax bill supported – Bismarck Tribune (R. Streyle, M. Ownes, B. Thoreson, K. Armstrong)

Committee discusses funding of Native workforce training – Bismarck Tribune (B. Skarphol, K. Hawken, M. Dosch, T. Boe, M. Brandenburg)

Some cite concerns with looser stun gun laws in North Dakota – Forum Communications (M. Sitte, T. Mathern, T. Porter)

ND Senate clears bill to strengthen DUI penalties – Forum Communications (K. Armstrong, K. Koppelman)

Governor signs heritage measure – Bismarck Tribune

Divided Legislature passes Medicaid expansion – Williston Herald (S. Berry, J. Lee, T. Axness, T. Mathern, O. Larsen)

U.S. Attorney, victims advocate defend VAWA – GF Herald

Refineries sprout in North Dakota, bucking trend – Reuters

Fargo Forum editorial: ‘Process’ little more than stunt – (B. Skarphol)

TIMOTHY PURDON AND JANELLE MOOS: On reservations, VAWA protects rights of the accused 

GF Herald Editorial, OUR OPINION: Does N.D. need dental therapists? Study will find out

Minot Daily News Editorial: New fund brings questions

KIRSTEN FRANZEN: ‘Whistleblower’s’ complaints don’t withstand scrutiny

Greg Stites, Bismarck, Letter: We need to have an explanation


DUI Bill Passes – KFYR-TV (K. Armstrong)

Senate Approves Stronger DUI Law for ND – KXMB-TV (K. Armstrong)

Governor Signs Outdoor Heritage Fund Bill – KFYR-TV (T. Porter)

Capital Classic Helping Raise Money For Special Olympics – KFYR-TV

House Passes CPR Funding Bill – KFYR-TV 

Animal Cruelty Bill Needs More Work – KXMB-TV (T. Flakoll)

Walaker upset over lack of funding from President Obama – WDAY-TV

Great Plains Examiner:

Tribe, oil industry support overhaul of North Dakota tax sharing accord 

ND Senate orders further work on animal cruelty measure – (T. Flakoll, J. Miller)



North Dakota Legislature approves Medicaid expansion bill – Bismarck Tribune (T. Mathern, T. Axness, M. Sitte, D. Dever, S. Berry, J. Lee, R. Kilzer, A. Carlson, L. Bellew, J. Kasper, G. Kredit, R. Weisz)

Medicaid expansion sent to governor – Forum Communications 

ND Legislature approves Medicaid expansion bill – Associated Press

Senator wants funding for Oil Patch cities justified – Forum Communications (D. Cook)

Officials say North Dakota oil tax distribution falls short – Bismarck Tribune (D. Cook, B. Skarphol, M. Brandenburg, G. Froseth, D. Rust, V. Steiner, E. Glassheim, J. Kelsh, J. Andrist, T. Wanzek, R. Wardner, P. Murphy, C. Triplett)

Flood bills change – Minot Daily News (S. Louser, K. Krebsbach)

Amendments take on ND higher ed funding formula – Forum Communications (T. Grindberg, B. Skarphol)

Attorney general seeks $400,000 to fight abortion litigation – Forum Communications 

Attorney general seeks $400,000 to defend abortion bills – Bismarck Tribune (R. Kilzer)

State takes on gas flares – Williston Herald (L. Laffen, J. Andrist, C. Triplett, H. Anderson)

North Dakota Legislature: Stun guns not ‘dangerous weapon’ – Associated Press (M. Sitte)

How much is a Dunn County sheriff worth? Commission seeks salary guidelines – The Dickinson Press 


Bismarck Tribune Editorial: Formula, funding look good for higher ed

Sen. John Andrist, Column: We are all seeking good in our own way

Jenna Ebersole, Column: We’re the ones who give legislators the power

Richard Peterson, Moorhead, Letter: North Dakota redefines ‘person’


Medicaid Expansion – KFYR-TV (T. Axness)

Oil Impact Funding Bill – KFYR-TV 

Folks in Oil Country Want Funding Restored – KXMB-TV (R. Holmberg)

Great Plains News:

ND Legislature approves expanding Medicaid program – (J. Lee, T. Mathern, T. Axness)

Expanding ND Medicaid program a “slippery slope,” Senate critics warn – (M. Sitte, T. Mathern, T. Axness, B. Bowman)



Bill takes another run at funding early childhood ed in ND – Forum Communications (J. Haak)

Lawmakers say bills will address many landowner problems in West – Forum Communications (M. Schatz, B. Hunskor, P. Murphy, J. Unruh)

Lawmakers target petition fraud – Bismarck Tribune (D. Schaible, P. Murphy, D. Cook, R. Sorvaag)

ND oil tax trust fund nears $1 billion – Associated Press

North Dakota Legislature: Stun guns not ‘dangerous weapon’ – Associated Press (M. Sitte)

North Dakota measure aimed at curbing natural gas flaring – Associated Press 

Heitkamp criticizes officials’ judgment that led to Pautre Fire – Dickinson Press


GF Herald Editorial, OUR OPINION: Like Alaska, put part of oil-tax fund in stocks

Rep. Ben Hanson, Letter: North Dakota voter ID proposals aim at problems that don’t exist

Ross Nelson, Casselton, Letter: Davis not a true conservative


ND Senate Passes Series of Oil Bills – KFYR-TV (J. Unruh)

ND Leads Nation in Income Growth – KFYR-TV 

ND Senate Passes Resolution on Use of Lakes – KFYR-TV (C. Triplett)

Appropriations Meeting has Big Implications for Oil Country – KFYR-TV

Oil Bill that may Help Landowners – KXMB-TV (T. Porter)

Daycare Bill – KXMB-TV (K. Hawken)

4.5.13 – 4.8.13


North Dakota Legislature this week: Oil taxes in focus – Associated Press 

Accountability for tribal oil taxes at issue in North Dakota – Forum Communications (J. Andrist, J. Dotzenrod, D. Cook)

State, tribes work on oil agreement – Forum Communications (R. Wardner)

New education formula gains support – Bismarck Tribune (T. Flakoll, M. Nathe)

Lawmakers send governor outdoors bill – Forum Communications (T. Axness, T. Porter, J. Miller)

Outdoor heritage bill approved – Bismarck Tribune (T. Porter, T. Axness,  J. Andrist, T. Wanzek)

Abortion, taxes are top topics at legislative forum – Jamestown Sun (J. Haak, J. Grabinger, T. Wanzek, A. Looysen, C. Headland, C. Pollert)

N.D. Legislature: Bill changing grand jury petitions passes – Forum Communications

ND passes version of Florida’s ‘Caylee’s Law’ – Associated Press (T. Axness)

‘Skarphol’ bill takes a beating in Senate – Williston Herald (B. Skarphol, S. Lyson, J. Andrist, D. Cook, C. Triplett, T. Mathern)

Lawmaker calls hearing to review Shirvani fraud allegations – Forum Communications (B. Skarphol)

N.D. bill aims to protect seniors, vulnerable adults – Associated Press

ND Senate committee supports Medicaid expansion – Associated Press (R. Holmberg)

ND House passes animal cruelty measure – Associated Press

North Dakota legislative session mostly positive for outdoors – GF Herald 

Study on use of tobacco rejected – Bismarck Tribune (N. Poolman, D. O’Connell, J. Andrist, C. Triplett)

Next Fargo Catholic bishop praises Legislature’s ‘strong stand for life’ – Forum Communications

Heitkamp puts focus on housing costs – Forum Communications

Heitkamp steps out in favor of gay marriage; Hoeven, Cramer maintain traditional marriage positions – Forum Communications

Heitkamp explains decision to support gay marriage – Bismarck Tribune

Cramer remarks, PBS documentary draw eyes again to reservation – Forum Communications 

Spirit Lake tribal judge sees kids’ safety as top concern – Forum Communications

Pastors divided over guns – Williston Herald 


Williston Herald Editorial: Road repairs should be paid by those guilty of causing the damage

Fargo Forum editorial: A curious referral campaign

Bismarck Tribune Editorial: Legislature could use some resolve

Lloyd Omdahl, Column: Pressure affects behavior

Nick Smith, Column: Senator rips gun legislation – (S. Lyson, M. Schneider, D. Dever, R. Holmberg)

Darrell Dorgan, Bismarck, Letter: Flat-Earth cabal runs Legislature

Thomas Davies, Letter: Who are dimwits who favor meaningless DUI penalties? 

Rep. Bette Grande, Letter: Heartbeat is truth and life

Rep. Jim Kasper, Letter: Election integrity at stake

Rep. Dan Ruby, Letter: We are working on a good DUI bill

Ken Story, Fargo, Letter: It’s life, not just a social issue

Nancy Kvittum, Fargo, Letter: An improper use of government 

Cole Carley, Fargo, Letter: Arrogant, petty ‘leaders’ embarrass North Dakota

Cheryll Berg, Grand forks, N.D. letter: Cramer’s conduct shows he’s wrong for N.D.

Lillian Jones, Fargo, Letter: Cut incentives to flare natural gas

Eddie Dunn, Letter: Are higher ed challenges in its structure or is it a people problem?

Maris Korb, Fargo, Letter: ND House bill suppresses vote

Tammy Magness, Grand Forks, N.D. letter: Banning abortion would make death toll climb

Becky Ronkowski, Grand Forks, letter: Cramer made all of N.D. look bad

Richard Shafer, Grand Forks, letter: Fundamentalists in power seek ever-more control

Connie Samuelson, Minot, Letter: Not recovered from 2011 flood

Verle Reinicke, Bismarck, Letter: Over the cliff with religious fervor


Joe Donnelly and Heidi Heitkamp come out for marriage equality – Salon


ND Senate Cuts Proposed Oil Patch Funding – KFYR-TV (T. Mathern, S. Lyson, B. Bowman, J. Andrist, C. Triplett, D. Cook)

30 people gather to protest Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s support of the Keystone Pipeline – WDAY-TV

Busy Week for the ND Legislature – KFYR-TV

Sandbag Central saw a better turnout than expected – WDAY-TV (K. Cramer)

Great Plains News:

More oil tax money for Three Affiliated Tribes under ND Senate – (M. Schneider, R. Wardner)

ND Senate spoiling for showdown over state employee pay – (D. Dever, J. Unruh, L. Robinson, J. Grabinger)

ND lawmaker claims there’s effort to discredit Chancellor Shirvani – (B. Skarphol)

No ‘fraud’ in ND university data, auditor says 

New plan boosts ND speeding fines – (D. Oehlke)

Minot State faculty declare “no confidence” in chancellor

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