Dem-NPL News of the Week – Week 15



Oil patch funding eliminated once again – Williston Herald (R. Kilzer, J. Warner, D. Cook, R. Holmberg, R. Wardner, J. Andrist, T. Mathern, M. Schneider, J. Lee, J. Klein, B. Bowman, K. Armstrong, L. Luick, S. Lyson)

Lawmakers hope for one last vote on higher ed structure – Forum Communications (T. Grindberg, L. Robinson, M. Sitte, R. Erbele, A. Carlson)

N.D. House changes its mind on behavioral health bill – Bismarck Tribune (M. Strinden, J. Lee, J. Delzer, C. Pollert) 

Legislative committee agrees on animal cruelty legislation – Bismarck Tribune (D. Rust, M. Nelson, J. Heckaman, D. Johnson, J. Klein)

Senate reject resolution creating higher education board – Bismarck Tribune (D. Hogue, J. Andrist, M. Sitte, L. Robinson, C. Triplett)

U.S. Supreme Court ruling to impact North Dakota DUI bill – Bismarck Tribune (K. Armstrong, K. Koppelman)

Tribal woman to confer at White House leadership event – Bismarck Tribune

Heitkamp says F-M diversion to receive $7.4 million in federal funding in fiscal year 2013 – Forum Communications

ND attorney general says higher ed board violated open meeting laws – Forum Communications

Judge says he’ll rule 2011 ND abortion law unconstitutional – Forum Communications – Forum Communications

ND Senate provides funding to train service dogs for veterans – Forum Communications

USAF hears comments about tankers at Grand Forks Air Force Base – GF Herald


Fargo Forum editorial: Prepare for ‘flood of record’

GF Herald Editorial: OUR OPINION: No more roadblocks for diversion

Bismarck Tribune Editorial: Erdrich deserving of Rough Rider Award

Ricky Waitman, Williston, Letter: Hope is in the hands of the ND senators

Tom Potter, Grand Forks, letter: N.D. senators heed wishes of a fringe

Ellen Brehmer, Grand Forks, letter: Heitkamp’s vote means she lost my vote

Adam Kemp, Williston, Letter: An issue of basic safety for West


Lawmakers Over Budget – KFYR-TV (R. Guggisberg, A. Carlson, R. Wardner)

Child Care Grants Approved – KFYR-TV (J. Lee)

ND House and Senate Vote on Pre-K & Daycare Bills – KXMB-TV (M. Nathe, J. Lee)



Lawmakers worried funding for university projects inadequate – Forum Communications (E. Glassheim, B. Skarphol, K. Oversen, C. Mock, M. Sanford, A. Carlson)

In northeast North Dakota, Head Start cuts hurt – GF Herald 

North Dakota Legislature: Bill affecting locked-out workers goes to governor – Forum Communications

Conservation groups close to losing spot on advisory board – Forum Communications (P. Silbernagel, S. Kelsh)

ND lawmakers still wrestling with diversion funding; may revisit decision to require federal money first – Forum Communications (C. Hofstad)

House decides to revamp higher ed funding, remove chancellor buyout offer – Bismarck Tribune (B. Skarphol, E. Glassheim)

Committee approves speeding fines increase – Bismarck Tribune (D. Ruby, T. Flakoll)

WAWS draws most attention during water debate – Bismarck Tribune (C. Hofstad)

Water dispute may be over: City Council reaches tentative agreement with Stutsman Rural Water – Jamestown Sun

State sets education budget – Williston Herald (R. Holmberg, J. Kasper)

Conference connects ND Oil Patch with investors – Forum Communications

Fargo obstetrician says 2011 abortion law calls for ‘confusing’ arrangement – Forum Communications

Fargo senator elected Senate president pro tem – Associated Press (T. Flakoll)

Senate blocks expanded gun sale background checks – Associated Press

Erdrich to accept Rough Rider Award on behalf of her community, Roosevelt’s progressive spirit – Forum Communications

Rally at the Capitol to say thanks – Bismarck Tribune


Forum editorial: They piled it high and deep – (A. Carlson)

Steve Slocum, Williston, Letter: ND should elect more Democrats

Dakota Draper, NDEA, Letter: North Dakota teachers deserve fair compensation

N.D. LAWMAKERS: Grand Forks base, region stand ready for tanker mission

Ron Gumeringer, Bismarck, N.D. letter: ‘Minimal’ minimum wage needs a boost

Great Plains News:

Senate defeats $10M for rural western ND hospitals – (R. Wardner, M. Schneider)

ND ban on jobless benefits for locked-out workers gets final – (B. Amerman)

$3B ND highway bill includes new license plates

Supporters of Fargo flood water diversion lose ND Senate budget – (L. Luick, J. Dotzenrod, T. Mathern)

North Dakota oil-tax ‘Legacy Fund’ tops $1B

Dalrymple signs final ND anti-abortion bill


Western Health Care Needs – KFYR-TV (J. Warner)

Lawmakers Agree to Leave Legacy Fund Alone – KFYR-TV (M. Schneider, R. Sorvaag)

Recruiting Teachers Can Be Tough – KFYR-TV

Pro-Life Supporters Rally At Capitol – KFYR-TV



ND Senate-approved amendment adds hurdle to F-M diversion – Forum Communications (L. Luick, A. Carlson, T. Mathern, G. Sinner, T. Grindberg, J. Dotzenrod)

‘Odds are starting to go against us’ in flood predictions – Forum Communications

ND Gov. Dalrymple signs Medicaid expansion bill – Associated Press

North Dakota House endorses measure aimed at curbing natural gas flaring – Associated Press

Lawmakers tackle DPI funding, workforce training – Bismarck Tribune (R. Holmberg, C. Mock, T. Porter, J. Kasper, J. Delzer)

‘Big surge’ expected in oil production this summer – Forum Communications 

Heitkamp still mulling background checks, Hoeven opposes measure – Forum Communications 


OUR OPINION: A spoonful of American Crystal Sugar

Olivia Ganser, Mandan, Letter: Figuring out the tax numbers


Oil Production Update – KFYR-TV 

Medicaid Expansion and Hospitals – KFYR-TV (M. Sitte)

ND Senate Puts Restrictions on Fargo Flood Control Dollars – KXMB-TV (L. Luick, T. Flakoll, J. Lee, T. Wanzek, T. Grindberg, T. Mathern)

4.13.13 – 4.16.13


North Dakota’s most conservative legislative session? – Bismarck Tribune (R. Holmberg, K. Onstad, R. Wardner, R. Berg, R. Taylor)

North Dakota Legislature approaches end with much to finish – Associated Press (C. Mock, S. Berry)

Bill requiring ID to vote in North Dakota sent to governor – Forum Communications (C. Mock, R. Boehning)

Lawmaker seeks to remove conservation groups from advisory board – Forum Communications (T. Porter)

Heritage fund measure remains contentious – Bismarck Tribune (T. Porter, T. Axness)

Senate approves early childhood measure – Bismarck Tribune (R. Erbele, J. Heckaman, N. Poolman, J. Andrist, O. Larsen, T. Wanzek, P. Murphy)

Senate narrowly passes preschool funding – Williston Herald (R. Erbele, N. Poolman, J. Andrist, T. Wanzek, P. Murphy)

Expert witness costs North Dakota $21,000 in abortion trial – Associated Press

Snow provides some down time at Capitol – Forum Communications (R. Wardner, K. Onstad)

Shirvani pushed for UND campus in Oil Patch – Forum Communications (B. Skarphol)

Will a majority back gay marriage in ND in 2016? – Forum Communications

Challenge to 2011 abortion law goes to trial this week – Forum Communications

‘Fetal pain’ measure sent to North Dakota governor – Associated Press (J. Miller, P. Silbernagel, M. Schneider_

Supporter hopes abortion ban linked to fetal heartbeat will change minds – Forum Communications (B. Grande)

Technology to detect heartbeats has been around since 1972 – Forum Communications 

Both sides of abortion debate plan events at Capitol – Forum Communications 

ND Senate approves reworked oil tax measure – Associated Press

Heidi Heitkamp 100 days – Williston Herald

Kevin Cramer 100 days – Williston Herald


Fargo Forum editorial: Stop drive to weaken a good law – (T. Porter)

Bismarck Tribune Editorial: Heritage fund faces big test 

Williston Herald Editorial: Thank you to the Democrats in the ND Legislature – (D. Cook, B. Skarphol)

Fargo Forum editorial: Listen to voices from West – (M. Sitte)

GF Herald Editorial, OUR OPINION: Reject amendments that would hammer higher-ed funding

Minot Daily News Editorial: Legislators running out of time

Mike Jacobs, Column, MATTERS AT HAND: How the N.D. legislature is like a snake in the grass – (C.Triplett, D. Cook, B. Skarphol)

David Rupkalvis, Column: Grading the ND Legislature’s job

David Berg, Letter: A new chapter at Crystal

Ashly Benson, Katie Oliver and Heidi Leingang, Bismarck, letter: We will remember your vote

Cathy Hanson, Justin Hanson, Letter: Greed, bribery in NDIC?

Linda Baeza Porter, Bismarck, letter: The truth about events in the NDUS office

Jacob Michael Froehlich, Letter: Trust science, medicine

Vicki Voldal Rosenau, Valley City, Bill destroys election integrity – (J. Kasper)

Tom Ricker, Englevale, Letter: ND elections work very well

Dina Butcher, Bismarck, Letter: Legislature’s majority wusses seem to be channeling Pelosi

Richard Shafer, Grand Forks, Letter: A repressive legislative agenda

Faisal Shamshad, Letter: Sequestration another threat to delivering high-quality care

Lee Murdock. Grand Forks, N.D. letter: Majority supports background checks; Congress should, too

Adam Kemp, Williston, N.D. letter: Lawmakers’ indifference costs lives in oil patch


Lawmakers Continue To Work on Oil Impact Bill – KXMB-TV (D. Drovdal, D. Cook)

Great Plains News:

ND Tax Department extends deadline for filing income tax returns

Snowstorm cancels ND Legislature on Monday – (A. Carlson, R. Wardner)

ND Capitol mostly deserted on ‘snow day’


Abortion Overshadows Oil Boom as North Dakota Aims to Topple Roe – Bloomberg (J. Nelson, R. Weisz)

North Dakota Lawmaker: Banning Abortion Will Help Women ‘Realize’ They Don’t Want One After All – Think Progress (B. Grande)

Report: States ramping up push to restrict abortion – The Hill


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