Dem-NPL senators lead floor fight for deeper property tax relief

Dotzenrod amendment would have redirected corporate tax cuts, income tax reductions into property cuts for North Dakota homeowners, businesses

(BISMARCK, N.D.) – In an effort to provide deeper property tax relief this session, Dem-NPL Senator Jim Dotzenrod, Wyndmere, today offered a floor amendment to HB 1250 which would have re-directed the bill’s $125 million in corporate and personal income tax reductions into property tax cuts for North Dakota homeowners and businesses. While the amendment failed by a vote of 15 to 31, Dem-NPL senators pledged a strong focus on providing lasting property tax relief during the legislative session’s remaining days.

“We’re for tax relief, but our focus is on permanently and significantly reducing property taxes in North Dakota,” Dotzenrod said. “Every dollar we provide in corporate income tax cuts is a dollar we’re not providing in property tax cuts.”

Following the failure of the amendment, HB 1250 passed 44 to 2. The bill now moves forward with $100 million in personal income tax reductions and $25 million in corporate income tax cuts. According to the non-partisan legislative council, 82% of the corporate income tax was paid by out-of-state corporations during the last tax year for which data is available. The legislation also includes a tax credit for employer-sponsored child care, which has long been favored by Dem-NPL legislators.

The bill now goes conference committee. SB 2156, which passed the senate prior to crossover and contains even steeper reductions in the corporate income tax, awaits consideration by the House.

“Instead of debating corporate tax cuts and reductions in the personal income tax in these final days, we should refocus on providing property tax relief,” Dotzenrod added. “That’s the tax the people want us to cut.”


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One thought on “Dem-NPL senators lead floor fight for deeper property tax relief”

  1. Of course it was predictable that the republican majority would pick corporations and fat cats over over working folks trying to keep a roof over their head despite ever-rising property taxes. Good for Jim Dotzenrod and the rest of the Democrats for forcing a public display of such disordered priorities by the radical and reckless majority. Maybe if the majority could vote to insure property owners don’t buy milk with the cuts, we could actually get some meaningful property tax relief out of this group of blockheads.

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