Dem-NPL News of the Week – Week 16



Critics doubtful North Dakota measures will curb wasted gas – Associated Press

Vote sends message to tobacco committee – Forum Communications (B. Thoreson, K. Koppelman)

ND House rejects tobacco prevention budget – Associated Press (J. Nelson, B. Thoreson)

House rejects tobacco prevention budget – Bismarck Tribune (A. Carlson, J. Nelson, B. Thoreson)

Stricter DUI measure goes to governor – Bismarck Tribune (K. Armstrong, K. Koppelman)

ND lawmakers OK bill to strengthen DUI penalties – Associated Press

No firm crest prediction yet as Fargo flood fight set to begin – Forum Communications

Audit: Shirvani didn’t commit fraud – Forum Communications 

North Dakota higher ed board VP asked about open meeting law at dinner – Forum Communications

State ranks high in drinking – Forum Communications


Ellen Schafer, Bismarck, Letter: Accepting funding aids cancer fight

Trana Rogne, Kindred, N.D., letter: Heitkamp passes the buck on diversion


Workers Memorial Day – KFYR-TV

DUI Bill Passes – KFYR-TV (K. Armstrong, K. Koppelman, C. Headland, E. Gruchalla)

Work Related Deaths On The Rise In North Dakota – KXMB-TV

Tougher DUI Laws Passed in North Dakota – KXMB-TV (K. Koppelman, E. Gruchalla, K. Armstrong)



ND attorney general says final DUI proposal will be tough – Forum Communications (K. Koppelman, C. Headland, E. Gruchalla)

DUI bill clears House after debate – Bismarck Tribune (C. Headland, E. Gruchalla, K. Koppelman, D. Ruby, B. Skarphol)

Oil extraction tax bill moving slowly – Bismarck Tribune (C. Headland, D. Cook)

Animal cruelty bill goes to governor – Bismarck Tribune (D. Rust, T. Flakoll, R. Becker, J. Kasper)

Animal cruelty bill passes Senate – Williston Herald (J. Miller, J. Heckaman, T. Flakoll, S. Lyson, T. Grindberg)

Bill makes animal cruelty a felony in ND – Associated Press

When will it end? No one’s sure – Bismarck Tribune (R. Wardner, A. Carlson)

After making 1.1 million sandbags, Fargo may need just 100,000 – Forum Communications


Fargo Forum editorial: Reliable ‘voice of reason’

Williston Herald Editorial: To impact property tax go to budget meetings

Rep. David Drovdal, Letter: There is much work to be done in conference committee

Andy Peterson, Letter: Now is time for state to support diversion

Susan Beehler, Mandan, Letter: Disagreeing with Hoeven, Heitkamp

Dave Arnholt, Moorhead, Letter: Reject plans to give away freedom

Donna Bott, Grand Forks, letter: Hold Hoeven accountable for gun vote, too

Robert Donald, Grand Forks, letter: Round ’em up, let doctors sort ’em out

Great Plains News:

Fifth ND constitutional amendment on ballot; restricts initiative rights – (D. Hogue, M. Schneider)

ND animal mistreatment bill gets final approval – (D. Johnson, R. Becker)

9 Years of Record Profits: Bank of ND makes $81.6M 


Legislative Session Almost Over – KFYR-TV (C. Mock, D. Vigesaa, M. Schneider)

Animal Cruelty Bill Passes in North Dakota – KXMB-TV (T. Flakoll)



Senate passes animal cruelty bill; House to take it up – Forum Communications (T. Flakoll, S. Lyson, H. Anderson, D. Johnson, J. Miller)

Senate OKs animal cruelty bill – Bismarck Tribune (J. Miller, S. Lyson, T. Flakoll, T. Grindberg)

Voters to decide next year on higher ed board – Forum Communications (M. Nathe, M. Nelson, E. Glassheim)

House OKs putting higher ed measure on ballot – Bismarck Tribune (C. Mock, M. Nathe, E. Glassheim)

ND voters to decide higher ed board’s structure – Associated Press (M. Nathe, A. Carlson, E. Glassheim)

Funding restored to oil patch bill – Williston Herald (B. Skarphol, C. Triplett, D. Cook, B. Bowman)

Legislators debate cow shares – Bismarck Tribune (D. Kiefert, D. Ruby, E. Gruchalla)

ND attorney general looking into possible second higher ed board open meeting violation – Forum Communications

Reeling elsewhere, labor poised for gains in Minnesota – Associated Press

Fargo may scale back flood prep following conference call with forecasters – Forum Communications

VIDEO: With death of anchor Marv Bossart, ‘an era has ended’ – Forum Communications

Heitkamp continues fight started as attorney general – Forum Communications 


Fargo Forum editorial: Erdrich excellent choice

GF Herald Editorial, OUR OPINION: UND Law School’s renovation needs approval

Rep. Ben Hanson, West Fargo, ND, letters: Online sales-tax bill levels playing field

Rep. Bob Skarphol, Letter: As legislative session draws to an end, pressure mounts

John Irby, Column: When session ends next month, work will continue

Brenda Jo Gillund, West Fargo, Letter: Bill’s passage will help save lives

C.T. Marhula, Grand Forks, letters: Use tiny violin to mourn senator’s ‘dire’ straits

Marguerite Salazar & Stan Nakano, Grand Forks, Letter: Health insurance help for N.D.’s small businesses

Robert Snyder, Bismarck, Letter: Be truthful about legislation’s cost

Great Plains News:

Amendment would force November vote on ND budget initiatives


White Flags at the Capitol – KFYR-TV

Funding Oil Patch Needs – KFYR-TV (S. Kelsh, M. Schneider, B. Skarphol, D. Cook)

More Amendments to Animal Cruelty Bill – KFYR-TV (J. Heckaman)

ND Legislature Passes Measure for Vote on Higher Education – KXMB-TV (C. Mock, A. Carlson)

House Votes Down Bill to Increase Speeding Fines – KXMB-TV (D. Ruby)

Senate Approves Negotiated Animal Cruelty Bill – KXMB-TV (J. Heckaman, J. Miller)



ND Senate pushes ahead to dismantle State Board of Higher Education – Forum Communications (A. Carlson, G. Lee, D. Hogue, S. Berry, J. Heckaman, C. Triplett)

Senate OKs more funds for oil patch – Bismarck Tribune (D. Cook, B. Bowman, J. Dotzenrod, R. Wardner, R. Holmberg, J. Miller)

ND legislative notebook: Some funding for oil counties restored – Forum Communications – (D. Cook, T. Beadle)

Lawmakers ponder oil tax amendments – Bismarck Tribune (D. Drovdal)

Proposal limits initiated constitutional amendments – Bismarck Tribune (L. Klemin, A. Carlson, J. Grabinger)

Senate OKs employee pay package – Bismarck Tribune (R. Holmberg)

Legislators debate cow shares – Bismarck Tribune (D. Kiefert, D. Ruby, E. Gruchalla)


Fargo Forum editorial: It’s now matter of credibility

GF Herald Editorial: OUR OPINION: A Commission on Higher Ed Governance

Gov. George Sinner, Fargo, Letter: Carlson defies common sense

Ellen Schafer, Bismarck, letter: Thank you for expanding Medicaid

Tammy Osvold, Cavalier, Letter: Happy with Medicaid boost

Great Plains News:

Amendment would force November vote on ND budget initiatives

Senate endorses replacing ND Board of Higher Education – (D. Hogue, C. Triplett)

Proposal hopes to reduce ND natural gas waste – (J. Unruh)

ND House, Senate ‘dug in’ over plans for income tax cuts – (R. Wardner)

Lawmakers set to endorse ND state worker pay, pension deal – (R. Wardner)


Some Funding for Oil-Impacted Communities Restored – KFYR-TV (R. Wardner, B. Bowman, M. Schneider)

We Will Remember Your Vote – KXMB-TV

Senate Restores Chunk of Money to Oil Country – KXMB-TV (D. Cook, B. Bowman)

4.20.13 – 4.22.13


Adjournment looms for North Dakota Legislature – Associated Press (C. Triplett, D. Drovdal, C. Headland, K. Armstrong)

No agreement yet on oil extraction tax – Bismarck Tribune (D. Cook, D. Drovdal, M. Dosch, T. Flakoll)

Committee reaches agreement on state employee pay – Bismarck Tribune (R. Wardner, T. Mathern)

Senate votes to reconsider higher ed proposal – Bismarck Tribune (M. Schneider, R. Erbele, J. Dotzenrod)

House fails to override home rule charter veto – Bismarck Tribune

House OKs incentives to reduce flaring – Bismarck Tribune (D. Drovdal)

ND lawmakers back measure aimed at curbing natural gas flaring – Associated Press

ND Senate approves $5 million grant for tribal colleges – Associated Press

Obamacare presents a mixed bag of options for N.D.’s health insurance market – Forum Communications

Thousands in Minn., N.D. will be eligible for health insurance subsidies – Forum Communications

Flood warnings issued; warm-up could be at hand – Forum Communications

As Crystal workers head back to jobs, resentments linger – Forum Communications

Petitions approved for abortion law challenge – Associated Press

North Dakota hunting and fishing fees increasing next year – Associated Press

Oil patch housing pinch spurs home manufacturing idea – Bismarck Tribune

Judicial system in Greenwood family’s blood – The Dickinson Press

Vote on guns puts Heitkamp in national political spotlight – Associated Press

Cramer makes staff changes in Washington – Forum Communications

Sen. wants silos retained – Minot Daily News

Democrats to honor Conrad – Bismarck Tribune


Bismarck Tribune Editorial: Prepare for a “big surge” in Bakken

Minot Daily News Editorial: A new town in N.D.?

LLOYD OMDAHL, Column: Church must ‘teach its own’ about values

Nick Smith, Column: Blunt floor statement in the Senate – (D. Cook, C. Triplett, G. Keiser, M. Sitte)

Steve Scheel, Fargo, Letter: Chancellor Shirvani must go

Linda Thomas Anderson, Moorhead, Letter: We’ll kick trashy legislation to the gutter where it belongs

Judy Estenson, Warwick, Letter: Forum wrong about animal abuse measure

John Hougen, Bismarck, Letter: Religious freedom being restricted

Leon Mallberg, Dickinson, Letter: Exclude no one from the process 

Great Plains News:

Two ND governor vetoes upheld in state House – (L. Klemin, R. Weisz, T. Porter)

Money for new University of North Dakota medical school in jeopardy – (E. Glassheim, M. Strinden, A. Carlson)


Medical Amnesty Bill Fails – KFYR-TV (C. Mock, A. Carlson)

Synthetic Drugs Bill – KFYR-TV (K. Armstrong)

Abortion Petitions Approved – KFYR-TV

Senators Approve Pay Package for State Employees – KXMB-TV (R. Holmberg)

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