Statement from Dem-NPL legislators on failure of HB 1319

(BISMARCK, N.D.) – Following the defeat of HB 1319 46 to 46 by North Dakota Republicans on Day 80 of the 63rd Legislative Session, Dem-NPL leaders Senator Mac Schneider, D-Grand Forks, and Representative Kenton Onstad, D-Parshall, released the following statement:

The defeat of HB 1319, legislation which funds elementary and secondary schools throughout North Dakota, stands as the latest and clearest testament to date that the Republican supermajority is utterly failing the citizens of North Dakota.

The spectacle that unfolded today on the House floor at the direction of Representative Al Carlson is an embarrassment. Indeed, it is outright harmful to every elementary and secondary school in North Dakota. Thousands of hours have been spent on HB 1319 to arrive at a school funding formula which leverages our state’s prosperity to improve education and cut property taxes. Now, on day 80 of an 80 day legislative session, a radical faction of ideologues has defeated a bill that forms the backbone of how we fund our kids’ schools. It amounts to legislative malpractice from a caucus leader and a group of followers who have become absolutely unglued.

This is not a game. This is serious. This threatens one of the most basic functions of government — the public education of North Dakota children. We urge Representative Carlson to reverse course before further damage is done.


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4 thoughts on “Statement from Dem-NPL legislators on failure of HB 1319”

  1. Is that the Republican strategy?? Make sure our children’s education is poor, so they will vote Republican….

  2. It is one thing to not pass a property tax relief bill, but it it is detrimental as well as shameful to not pass a bill to fund education. Our state is backwards enough. We do not need to become a state that does not take care of our educational needs that are the future for all North Dakotans.

  3. What a sad state for public education in ND. As a person who received ALL of her education in ND schools, from Kindergarten through HS, through B.A., M. Ed. and Ed. D. and an educator of 30 years, I find this defeat of bill HB 1319 for the future of education of ND students tragic! Wake UP Republicans! Wake UP North Dakota! Take off you blinders and get the big picture of what this means for the children of North Dakota….these are YOUR children!

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